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  1. Went ahead and bought the Lian Li O11DXL-1 vertical gpu hopefully it will fit once i put the EKWB block on the card
  2. If i put a EKWB waterblock on my strix 3090 OC will i be able to use the Lian Li O11DXL-1 vertical gpu mount in my o11d XL case? maybe someone here which already uses this setup can confirm for me? reason im asking is because i read somewhere that it wont fit 3 slot cards on the mount but if i put the waterblock on the card it should be 2 slots right?
  3. Ok will buy the o11d XL vert mount then and put it in the pc when im doing the hardline watercooling next month ty for the help mate i really appreciate it
  4. ok awesome and it should 100% fit once i put the waterblock on the card right? just want to make sure so i dont buy a mount that doesnt fit
  5. Yea i underclocked the card too to make sure its not running hot while on air. Also when i order new vert mount im not putting it in until im watercooling it to make sure nothing will get damaged due to the weight of the card. Will start looking for another vert model that fits my case. I think i read phantek has one so i might turn to them for the vert mount but im not sure it will fit with the 360 PE rad i got so i gotta make sure it will fit with the rads before purchasing but yes i will def contact EKWB and ask how come its crooked like this
  6. Aight will start looking for the o11d XL mount. I checked on the gpu and its sitting in the socket fine so there shouldnt be any stress on the pcb so im just running it like this for now until i get my last watercooling parts so i can start assembling it however i will contact EKWB and ask them if they have any idea why its sitting like that because i literally had to push the bracket of the vert mount that screws on the back of the case in to mount the screws so im thinking something got bent in shipping maybe. im thinking its the frame of the vert mount thats bent
  7. I read that the o11d xl vert mount dont support my GPU which is strix 3090 OC otherwise i would have got that one. However i managed to get the screws in and this is the result: Not its sitting perfectly at the back however its still crooked in the case so im starting to suspect that the vert mount might have a bent part If you know a vertical mount that will fit in the o11d XL and is not a piece of crap like this EKWB one so my GPU will sit straight please let me know and i will buy it right away because this is pissing me
  8. true still looking online for stores near me which has flexible screwdrivers and i found this hopefully that will work for me but ideally i would like one that could bend a sharp 90 degree angle so i will be able to attach the holder with the GPU installed in the future when im switching to hardline watercooling. The guy who build my pc missed some stuff so im having to correct what he did wrong so having all the tools at hand if im running into more problems would be nice
  9. Haha true well then theoretically its sitting just fine now xD just gotta adjust it to sit straight lol
  10. Yea o11d XL. Ok i guess if im not able to get the screws in im installing the card normally. Also got a GPU support with the motherboard so i can use that for it not to sag. Will update later today. There shouldnt be any problems just angling the card in right position and screwing the 2 back screws in while its sitting in the case right? of course not using any force
  11. okay will see if i can get them in with a normal screwdriver if not im driving to the store to check if they have any angled screwdrivers or flexible so i can get those screws in EDIT: reason i didnt install it normally is because im pretty sure it wont fit in the case when connecting the pci cables
  12. Its impossible to get them in when its mounted with a normal screwdriver I linked a picture below where i marked out where the screws should go in I can also see that the back is not sitting straight with the case so im pretty sure this is my problem so yes you are right i need those 2 screws in go get it to sit right Idk if i should leave it like this until i get it on water so i will have a pc or if its too risky and take it out of the pc and go without a pc for 1-2 months can you get a special screwdriver for stuff like this? been googling stuff like angled screwdri
  13. ah okay. So it should not be an issue running it like this for now? and then once im getting it on water i can mount it with the 2 screws at the io shield? reason i didnt put those screws in is because i couldnt get them in if i mount the gpu mount with the gpu in it first and i couldnt get the gpu mount to sit in the case if i put the card in before mounting it because i couldnt get the screws into the motherboard due to missing space lol. so what you are saying is once i put those 2 screws in it should sit perfectly straight?
  14. Oh so when i put the waterblock on there it should sit straight?