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  1. I hope its a good chip. I plan on making it a Plex server when I go to upgrade. (Edit: I have 12 users out of 15 on my current one that all transcode 1080p.)
  2. Okay ill do that next time. Im not sure on the Prime 95, ill get back to you on that. My thermal paste is the noctua stuff. Im going to take a quick nap and then ill get back to it and continue to get help.
  3. How do I Overlay it? and My thermostat on the wall says 69 Fahrenheit
  4. Hows that for 4.4GHz? I did 5 Passes and it did not fail once.
  5. I just did a double pass handbrake encode. Not the best obviously but just wanted to see. I just downloaded 3D Mark and im going to try that out for a bit. Also, I backed down on the OC to 4.4GHz and 1.35v. Im going to test this first and then ill start backing the Voltage from there.
  6. I want help, thats my bad. I just got off of a 24 hour shift so my bad.
  7. Thanks, I am trying to get back into everything. Being in the army I dont have a lot of time to do stuff anymore.
  8. I said "well fuck" and that "like i said im going to tweak it further. I just wanted to post my intial results." ffs dude.
  9. This was an in between as my original R7 1700 had the Memory Controller fail. I'm getting the 12 Core (or whatever the 4900/5900 ends up being.) when it comes out in October. Thats really good to know. Do you think that i may have a chance at hitting 4.5 under water at a lower voltage?
  10. Well shit, actual question wasnt Zen 1 "safer" at the higher voltage? like i said im going to tweak it further. I just wanted to post my intial results. it idles at around 30-34 degrees and full load over 2 hours was 73 degrees.
  11. I was able to get my CPU to 4.5ghz under a 240 AIO from Cooler Master. Its running with 1.42500 Volts which is higher than I want it to be but still safe. I think next im going to go after a infinity fabric OC. If you guys could post your OC results down below, id love to see them.
  12. I would like the mouse because I already have a really good keyboard and hey why not.
  13. Not that I know of, but I would not downloaded it from a site like 4shared. Torrent may be dangerous, not always. Just watch out and do not do anything dumb.