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  1. Hello! I recently bought and am comparing the Dell S2721QS 4k monitor (10-Bit) and ASUS PRO ART DISPLAY PA278QV (8-Bit) Both are great displays but I've struggled to find online why its a benefit to edit photos or videos on a 10-Bit display when something like 95% of content is viewed on 8-Bit phones, monitors, Tv's, etc. The 10-Bit display is clearly more vibrant but I'm worried about editing something to a 10 Bit display and it looking more wash-out on a 8-Bit display. I know there's an advantage to printing but If I was a professional photographer would I just edit
  2. Sooo After a Overclock I am now VR Ready with my R9 290! Core Clock 947 > 1099 Memory Clock 1250 > 1395
  3. Rig name - My computer bra!!! Cpu - Intel v3 1231 zeon Gpu - 290 (non overclocked) Ram - 16gb Got a little better score by runing it a couple times. Also overclocking may help in the future...