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  1. I tried loading fedora onto a USB and something went wrong. The USB shows up in device manager but not in my files When I try to format it in device manager it comes up with 'an unexpected error has occured' When I try to change the drive letter in device manager it always says the console is not up-to-date When I try to use diskpart to clean the drive (after removing readonly) it says accessed is denied This happens on my desktop and my laptop what could possibly be the problem?
  2. I added a new cooler and some ram and now there is no power to my pc. When I power it up nothing happnes. What could this be?
  3. thank you so much you have been extremely informative and helpfull
  4. I don't really use my microsd slot. I usually listen to music with headphones and so I don't need high quality speakers. For the screen size, i would prefer if it was bigger than what it is now, atleast 5.5inch. One thing I cant stand about my current phone is htc's skin, sense ui is super annoying sometimes, I also don't like that it dosen't have a fingerprint scanner or nfc, although the latter isn't too improtant
  5. I have 16gb storage but i don't use many apps and don't use the camera often, so little storage is fine. as for battery I would definitely prefer a bigger battery than the 630
  6. im currently using a htc desire 630, the mains things I'm looking for are much better performance and good screen and good software, I dont care about the camera or any weird gimics.
  7. not really i will still be able to use my phone, so i don't have to get a new phone, and i am probably going to change service provider anyway
  8. My contact end in two weeks, and I'm looking to buy a phone for no more than £500 ($600). Should I buy the oneplus 5t or wait a couple months for the 6?
  9. My dad said he wants to try some smart home tech, and he's given me £100 to start off so he can see if it's worth it. What should i get?
  10. what are some good preowned laptops under £350? Im not planning on doing too much with it so Im looking more at batteryand looks than pure specs.
  11. Best Chromebook for under £300 that has android app support?
  12. best chromebook that's light small and below £300?
  13. I'm planning on buying a laptop ($400 max) for when I'm away from my desktop, would you recommend windows or chrome OS?
  14. I've been having this problem since i put in my pci wireless card and gpu. My computer will seemingly randomly stutter for a second then go to blue screen with driver_power_state_error. The problem seems to be more common in cpu heavy games such as cities skylines for me which just crashes 3 times in 2 hours for me. ive updated drivers