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  1. PS5 won't but the Xbox line does actually allow for 1440p. They added support for it to the Xbox One a year or two ago.
  2. So I am looking to get a new monitor but I am stuck in a decision on whether to go for a 4K 60hz monitor or a 1440p 120hz one. I had been leaning towards the 120hz for a while until I started really debating and ultimately deciding to get the PS5, which kinda threw a wrench in my plan as I would want to have it connected to my monitor rather then a TV and I would expect games to start using the 4K before the 120hz. Also, not loaded (partially because of the PS5 lol), so getting a 4k 120hz monitor isn't really an option. Would love to get some feedback from others on which way I should go, belo
  3. Hey guys, felt like I would give an update after testing. I was researching my errors and a running theme was that it might be a corrupted bios chip so as a last stich effort, I bought a new one off ebay. Low and behold, my system booted up perfectly after a couple auto reboots and everything is being detected. Best $14 dollars I ever spent lol
  4. Ya, I'll be working on that soon. Right now I have moved all the pci cards I have out of that slot (I have a sound card and wifi card in my system aswell) to avoid any possible damage.
  5. After testing this idea, I have learned my second full pci express slot is not working lol
  6. Ya, it's a damn strong board, I'll give it that but it has definitely seen better days. When I first bought the thing used, I ended up having to pickup a new audio card since the built-in one was broken when I got it. And now the board runs fine except now almost every time I shut off the computer, it gets through to an error code then reboots endlessly. To fix it, I end up having to pull the cmos battery for a couple of hours then reinstall it. Wouldn't be as bad if the battery wasn't being covered by my gpu which then requires me to uninstall the card to get it out. I think "long
  7. So, bit of a weird post but wanted some input so hear me out. Basically my motherboard has started to give me problems recently (Problems detecting RAM and occasional issues booting), currently running a AsRock Z77 Extreme4 with an I7-3770k. Because of the problems + age of the hardware, I am planning on letting this hardware live as long as it can then when my motherboard gives up the goat, upgrade my board, CPU, and RAM. I know someone might say "Why not just get a new board that supports that CPU?", well the problem is I want this stuff to last me awhile so I would rather not ri
  8. So, currently my system is holding pretty strong, but I have been debating getting a CPU upgrade cause mine is kinda old. I am currently running a i7-3770k which I got for a pretty good deal about 3-4ish years ago. I was wondering if other's think I should upgrade it soon or just hold off, cause I am already planning on probably upgrading my ram as I only have 8 gb and if I upgrade, I would have to switch to ddr4 ram. As a note, I am a college student so I don't have a huge bank account right now, so if I were to upgrade, it in itself would take a bit to save up the money.
  9. @Kobathor Ya, the big problem with Apple lagging behind will most likely be because the main thing that people like about RCS, text over wifi, is already a feature for them. In their minds, it most likely is that they just don't care enough to try and improve that by including something like RCS. Plus, this is a company that thought it was a huge change to include wireless charging about 3 years after their main competitor, Samsung, included it in their flagship. But ya, the big push we are really waiting on is carriers to push their stuff over to RCS fully. Because some carriers s
  10. Curious what others think on the topic. If you don't know what it is, open this for a short explination
  11. Never actually looked in this section, but why not? I'm a current undergraduate at the University of Iowa studying Computer Science and Engineering. My first language was Java, learned it in high school through the AP course that was there. Here at university, I mainly use C++ and have done a little work in MATLAB. My main OS is Windows 10 Pro, but I have messed around a bit with raspbian on a Raspberry Pi. *go Hawks*
  12. Update: Left overnight and still sitting at 0%, since it is sitting at 0%, I may close it in task manager
  13. Well, I don't really have any antivirus other than windows defender, so I disabled that and gave it another hour, yet it still sits at 0%
  14. Once I began to install the latest beta for crimson drivers (Didn't see what version, but don't think it should effect the installer), and after going through the normal installation process, it looked as though it began to start to install, but now it has been an hour and I still is sitting at 0% (http://imgur.com/ngsqFjd). Any help would be be great Spec's (Just in case) Windows 10 AMD R9 390 i7 3770