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  1. Hi, I've factory reset my phone and now it's only showing "Sony Xperia" white screen when I try to boot up. It looks like it froze and it can't get past boot. I have tried: Holding power button and volume to turn it off (3 vibrations) I have tried to stick a small pin inside the phone to totally shut it down It just freezes and it won't go any further, can anyone please help me? This is my work phone and I need it to work by tomorrow morning.
  2. Hello, I've got this Sony Xperia phone from my friend and and doesn't remember the pin-code to unlock the phone. Can anyne help me on how to factory reset this phone without going through settings? Thank you, derpylt
  3. Hello, Can I get a tutorial on how to factory reset a Sony Xperia Z5 with a pin-code/pass-code. Thank you, derpylt
  4. Hello, So I've been using my microphone in CS:GO and my teammates tell me that it sounds like I am in a plane. I don't know what to do because the sound quality on teamspeak and skype is very good. So why is it bad in CS:GO game and not teamspeak? How do I take away this noise? I've tried to turn down the volume in-game but it didn't help with the noise.
  5. I have gtx 960 and windows 10. So I need to put my game on windowed? I've noticed the quality and performance drops a little bit when I put it on windowed for some reason.
  6. I recommend watching a youtube video on how to set up your Nvidia Control Panel correctly, try lowering your options in game. Also try to delete some temp files.
  7. Hello, so I've bought a monitor and now I have two screens. I want to use one for gaming and other for spotify, browsing and what so ever. But my problem is that I can't move my mouse over to second screen without alt+tab which is pretty lame. Does anyone know how to use both screens without tab'ing out of the first one? derpylt,
  8. It is extremely hard to tell if this is a correct PSU because I know nothing about your setup.
  9. Make sure that in BIOS under Startup your "UEFI/Legacy Boot" is set to "both".
  10. A simple restart will solve this problem. Make sure your both power and monitor cables are plugged in before a restart.
  11. I would recommend adding one more 8GB RAM and putting in a more powerful power supply, you could go up to 700W+ to really make sure everything gets what it needs.
  12. The difference between laptop memory and desktop memory is physical size and its pin configuration. That being said, you can't use laptop ram on desktop and the other way.