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  1. Hello there, I was one of the few in my country that got myself a R5 5600X on launch but the one thing I'm still pondering about is if the B550 and X570 are imminently able to support it. I'm upgrading from Intel 6th gen i5 6600K so it's not like I can just update the bios. In a specific review it was said that he had to swap the cpu back to 3000 series, update the bios and go back to 5000 series. So I'm a little conflicted. Can you guys help me with what I am missing here. I want to go for the budget option of the Gigabyte B550 Aorus pro which is around 160 euro. This is because I
  2. This is the current expected price for the 5800X While the price for the 3800X You can see that there was a spike near the end of September which I expect is because the 5000 series was announced but within a week it went down to what it was already sold at for the past 3 months. I want to see how the market will go with it so I'm pre emptily thinking of getting the 3800X.
  3. Fortunate enough, it does say AM4. As I said it's just that I don't see a way that the highlighted mounting bracket will fit in this. I'll be sure to ask be quiet to be sure. I also am very intrigued by the new 5000 series. It's that with customs and tax an additional 50 euro is put to it and I don't really have the budget to spend 500 euro on the new ryzen 7. However the reason I'm going for the 3800x is because it's price is getting lower by the week. The price difference between the 5800x and 3800x is around 200 euro which I really don't think is that worth it.
  4. I am looking forward to upgrading my system at the end of November to a ryzen 7 3800X with the Gigabyte X570 aorus pro. My only concern is that I think my 4 year old dark rock 3 will not fit.I do not recognise the mounting system that I see on the pictures of the X570 mobo and seem way different to the mounting brackets I have left in the box. After a quick google search I've also noticed that AMD changed the way their mounting system works. My question to you, the reader is: is the highlighted mounting bracket compatible with the X570 motherboards.
  5. 1: Long time ago. I think it was something to do with the FPS Cap but i'm not shure. 2: I don't see any Steam related folders in my %appdata%
  6. Hello, So I created my own problem with Metro 2033. I tinkered with the user.cfg but now the game doesn't go into fullscreen even tho it's on in the file http://prntscr.com/fiw7uq I searched on the internet and found someone who had the same problem. https://www.sevenforums.com/gaming/181095-metro-2033-will-not-go-fullscreen.html when he fixed it he said: http://prntscr.com/fiw8rs My question is, What is a fullstop? how can I change the file so my game goes in fullscreen egain. PS: I've already tried deleting the CFG file and starting the game and
  7. built my pc yesterday, i dont have an GPU in my rig now, since i cant affort one now, if i could, i would go for the 480...
  8. whow whow whow... I'm just asking witch wil still be alright for 5 years... please no War between red/green some prefer these and some those... If somebody likes something you can't change his oppinion.. btw it has been solved so pls move on to the next post, Y'all already have helped me out now the next person needs you're guys help... I have 0 expirience and I'm about to build my first desktop PC. and yes i have a prebuild pc now... Bye
  9. I will try to find an better one. Thank you
  10. I was looking for an Increadibly low DB psu.. so i found this one :).
  11. thank you, this wil be my setup then. can't wait to build it... but just another 4months
  12. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm planning to build a PC myself so im doing this so maybe you guys can find a Bottleneck or FeedBack! My buget is €1.300 and yes, you already guessed it it's Europe! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The System Case: Coolermaster Mastercase Pro 5 Price: € 129,89
  13. I totaly agree... but I'm that kind of person who likes everything until it's getting hazy... but even on low.. if everything stays clear sharp I can deal with it, it doesn't have to be all about maxing out for me