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  1. Okay guys, thank you all very much for your feedback, I was going to wait anyway to see what the new processors would be like, but now it seems like I am forced to wait no matter since the TR2990WX doesn't appear to be what I thought it was. I think the new Ryzen 9 3950 is what I need, but we'll have to see what happens when it comes out. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your reply. I am in no way in a rush with this setup, my current setup is OK but processing times on pix4d are quite brutal. With the new TR series, would the 16 core be a better choice then? Compared to gen2 32 core? Thanks for your reply and I will be researching some more I can see.
  3. Hi, thank you all for your replies. My main reason for going with the TR is because pugget systems and their pix4d benchmarks. Showing that the 2990wx is what I need for maximum performance. Though the Intel i9 XE is right up there with it. What's your take on jumping over to that instead? Ditching the amd platform entirely!
  4. Hey guys, I am planning on building a new rig that will be able to handle basically everything, I play games, AAA titles and MOBAs, but the primary reason for this entire build is for my side business that I am hoping to grow significantly this year. I work with drones, taking pictures, videos and collecting data from construction sites, farms quarries and so on. Basically a pretty varied load. There will be some rendering of 4K videos, photo editing and over night the rig will be crunching the numbers for Pix4D datasets. I am looking for feedback on this
  5. This is why I was looking to make my own solution, currently looking into LibreOffice Base, know anything about it?
  6. I am not located in the US, do you know if it will still work?
  7. Hey guys, I am wanting to build some sort of database for tracking everything about my personal economy, paychecks, being able to type in receipts so I can track my spending, how much money is being spent on what and so on. the features I am wanting to build include this - Being able to import my online banking transaktion statement that can be downloaded as xlsx - Inputting my incomes from different jobs - Keeping track of my sports betting, yes I bet money and I want to track it - Being able to make graphs and what not with all the accumulated data
  8. Tried doing that, making sure they're all at 1920x1080, still doing it. I am pretty sure it's a Google bug. It's doing it with any video stream that I fullscreen, works fine if I am not full screening it, but when I do (YouTube, Twitch, Netflix anything) there's about a cm or two of space between the left and top side of the monitor where I can see my desktop background behind it.
  9. It seems to be just Google Chrome that does it. Don't think my monitors have manual image sizing.
  10. Well, it only happens on my side monitors, and when I game I play one my center monitor. Will try CS:GO on a different monitor tomorrow, but it seems to be browser. Will try with Firefox and report back (Y)
  11. I don't see why the issue should be cable related, it's worked for about 2 years now with the exact same setup (But tech is tech, and it breaks so maybe) But secondly I just tried it with watching a movie with VLC and it doesn't happen on that. Seems to only be browser related.
  12. No scaling has changed or anything. This basically just changed overnight. I don't understand why... 3 monitors, exact same model. Only difference is the connector types, but I can't change that because of a lack of cables, but it's never given me issues before. Currently 2 of them are HDMI and DVI.
  13. That fixed it temporarily, but as soon as I moved the window away, and back fullscreen would be weird again.
  14. Hey guys, I've been experiencing a weird bug, where when I full screen on either one of my side monitors in my 3 monitor setup, the screen doesn't quite fill out. I've attached an image showcasing it using a twitch stream in fullscreen. I tried reinstalling Silverlight, because initially I thought it was only Netflix that didn't do it, but it seems to be anything that I fullscreen. Hope you can help, thanks