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  1. Awesome! I will check that out! I'm new here so I'm not too familiar with everything yet. I Appreciate it!
  2. Yeah I might even try that one out! It's affordable enough to give it a go with no worries. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the responses. Yeah I definitely see smartphones taking over that market. My current phone doesn't not have enough support in the matter. I might be better off upgrading phones to one with external SD support for music. That or I might go with the Sony Walkman.
  4. Do you guys know of any decent MP3 players besides Apple products? It seems like the only ones available in stores are the nano, shuffle, and ipod touch. Yet neither the nano nor shuffle have the storage space I need. And I really am not interested in all the extra apps and capabilities of the touch. I just want to listen to music! Any suggestions? If nothing else, I'll try to find an ipod classic on eBay.
  5. Hey there! I am looking for a high-quality pair of headphones. Mainly for mixing, sound design, as well as simply listening to music. I listen/record mostly jazz, acoustic, and then various metal and death metal music. I would like something with adequate bass and low end, yet clarity for the mids and high end. Really just something good all-around! haha. Sound cancellation is also a high preference! Price range is $100-$200 yet still open for more/less if it is worth it. Comfort is also a big thing since my ears get sore easy when using headphones with stiffer pads. Show me what y