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  1. Maybe it's a background task that has a phantom window? I've never had an issue like that before.
  2. Your message is kind of confusing. Have you tried to reformat and completely reinstall windows?
  3. My main computer is coming up on 2 years old soon. I'm already starting to look around for a new system. Nothing beats the feeling of booting up your new PC for the first time
  4. I feel like any merger would run afoul of anti-monopoly laws.
  5. If it is only powering on for a few seconds, that may indicate the battery is bad.
  6. You would have to do something like this:
  7. legally speaking you shouldn't have any concerns. Practically speaking its just kind of dumb lol
  8. The perfect car to take grandma to pick up her meds!
  9. You know you can just log back into your existing account, right?
  10. Should be fine - The liquid that comes out is not water.
  11. They used company resources to commit a crime. If you beat someone to death with a shopping cart at your place of work, do you honestly not think the company would take responsibility for this incident happening with on their property?
  12. my gut says that is not normal. Are you able to get in touch with the manufacturer?
  13. The powersupply will just trip and you system will shutoff with no warning. You'll have to turn your PSU on and off again to restart. It's a pain in the ass. If it's a really poor quality power supply you could potentially brick a component as well.
  14. there's a separate forum on https://ltt.gg/ It's fairly dead though sadly.