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  1. Try DDU'ing drivers and factory reset the drivers on install, reboot and when the drivers have downloaded, select the "Standard" setup instead of Gaming. Some of the features could cause stuttering or tearing. Try disabling Image Sharpening?
  2. Best option, 5600X. Cheap and fast for productivity and gaming. If its not available tho and you dont have any time to waste, pick an i5-10600K or i7-10700K with a decent Z490. Remember, the Intel purchase comes up with the cost of a better cooler.
  3. It can definitely cause the CPU to throttle. This is why I said the X570-A Pro is absolutely awful.
  4. Honestly only thing I can think about right now is remount, or the fact that you have an awful motherboard, the worst you can possibly get. I hope someone else can help you with this.
  5. Try swapping the two top fans to work as exhaust, three in the front for intake is already plenty.
  6. The two on the top work as exhaust if im correct? Did you remove the from the CPU and the D15 when you reapplied your paste? Can you still screw the screws any tighter?
  7. Gaming (Warzone, Cold War) with a NH-U12S, about 80 degrees. (note: this is with side panels OFF and 2 default case fans) What case do you have?
  8. Its probably just a driver issue, try DDU'ing them. The archive should have some instructions in them. Boot into safe mode -> Launch DDU program -> Select GPU (AMD in this case) -> "Clean and restart" and let it do its thing. https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html After that you can download the newest drivers, or if you still keep having the same issue try previous versions.
  9. A small update, I haven't started with yours yet: I am able to boot into Windows thru the DVD as it gives me a prompt that I have "Started an update and booted from the DVD" it asks me to take out the DVD and to reboot to continue the "update". I press "Yes" it boots into Windows just fine after it did a drive repair on the SSD (this only happened after I plugged in the power cable). I went to format both my HDD and M.2 SSD and a reboot worked, so I decided to shut down and boot again, fresh and it proceeded not to boot again. Also when I check the Windows DVD installation section,
  10. I am booting from the SATA SSD 120GB. The 1TB NVME has nothing on it and is brand new. Windows has always been installed on the 120GB SATA SSD since the last build. If I remember correctly I have had Windows on the HDD before but not for a long time. I do not remember wiping the HDD so there might be some old files left on it but the SATA SSD is my primary boot drive so I doubt it affects things. Just to add a bit of detail, I can still boot into BIOS.
  11. Hi! I just swapped some components of my PC and everything went fine until BIOS had detected the drive as normal, but it wouldn't let me set it as a boot drive which previously had my Windows 10 on it. (120GB SSD) I used an old DVD to format the drive and reinstalled Windows on it and all went fine until I plugged in the power cable to the hard drive and I rebooted the PC (as in PC was powered off when I did this), but my PC would not get past the BIOS logo and there's no Windows loading logo. (Conquer the battlefield) Well I did the same thing again but this time I upd
  12. Hey! I have a problem with my current case that I can't fit the PSU cables inside the PC without having the side panel off for my GPU. I have an RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio and just some normal daisy chain sleeved Corsair PSU cables. Looking for an RGB or non-RGB case as long as it has a controller. Do all cases have these issues with the 3080's?
  13. Well the creator of this game is infamous for his bad optimization. Its just weird considering the game could use way more of my GPU (it even recommends a GTX 980) Having lower FPS is better than having crazy stutters. Also my FPS gets progressively worse the more I play.
  14. V-sync is off by default and I checked that its off. Warzone is working fine. Trying Rust again.