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  1. Well thats where u guys come in Im going to post piks What extension shal I save them as? Bmp? Will be a good test to see if it works on non hdr screens....phones..ipads.. e.c.t Ill hVe to do it later Cant find my thread I made about gaming audio sampling rates Eitherway..im never going back to lower sample rates.. Hoooooley shittt... It was craaaazzzzyyyyy... I could hear somuch more crap I literaly shit myself so bad in alien isolation. .. woww..didnt expect an improvement. .but I
  2. have you selected a file? and selected what type of file u want to encode it to? what are u using, amd gpu, nvidia or intel? if ur making a game file smaller next time just record using bandicam i get 25min files that look crystal clear with no color banding or artifacting or noise ,,nothing and they come to about 1.2GB using amd app recording in bandicam
  3. i found this online from the dudes who made the game basically i should set my sample rate to the highest i can but shall i set it to headphones or full dynamic range is windows going to fuck with how i hear shit?
  4. ok i just installed alien isolation again on pc who wants to see the difference between deep color / HDR and normal umm, normal color? i have fucked about abit with it , and when i set the game to 4k i see loaads of color banding, so im feeling my fury x cant do 4k 12bit color because i got my screen plugged in via HDMI 1.4 so it dont have enough bandwidth anyway who wants to see the difference? by the way you have to set your screen to atleast 10BIT in your nvidia / amd driver gameforceworks / crimson settings app too see
  5. realy? i herd on crazy quality its a different story and in quantum broken the whole lighting system is done on it its early days lets see what happens if im right however what a shame the gtx 1080 looked so strong to me does anad do fcat tests? or pull the figures straight from the gpu pipeline? digital foundry does fcat tests also your pik is of the games beta,, not the full game
  6. none of them have done HBM benchmarks i have go check the figures some of us here even compared it to their own 980ti's the same app i used is where the amd polaris leaks have been coming from AFTER i done the HBM test so looks like amd internally use what i use
  7. check my fiji xt hbm bandwidth benchmarks its not 512GB/S it was allot less and im sure the rift uses like 20 usb connections
  8. i know we all know what im getting at is what is the kink for v.r sickness?
  9. nah man fiji's hbm performance is over exaggerated i done benchmarks on it and posted them somewhere on the forums so u think gddr5 is too slow,,but usb latency is fine?
  10. but it does it actualy looses fps and as more games use more and more and more of it,,, it will start to loose even more fps nowander why they going to be shipping gpus at 2000mhz with less cuda cores they done the same with maxwell to counteract the lack of async
  11. but it does it makes the gpu loose fps if u compare the cards running in dx12 and dx11 playing the same game basicaly in layman terms no async dx11= 50fps dx12= 30fps async = dx11=50fps dx12=75fps
  12. I don't use the surround speakers to play the games , as i always play shit at night so i only use headphones plugged into it yeah people online say u cant hear under 20 but i definitely herd under 20 people also say u cant see more than 20fps
  13. Its not a secret that pascall architecture is capable of context switching, basically the stuff hyper threading does to utilise both arithmetic logic units whilst the control unit is busy and frees up,, so it can not do asynchronous compute as it only has ONE Gigathread thats what compute preemption does as stated in the pascal white paper released by nVidia which is below https://images.nvidia.com/content/pdf/tesla/whitepaper/pascal-architecture-whitepaper.pdf Now i can be wrong in saying this buuuuuuuuuut as the GCN 1.4 consoles launch and ha