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  1. Nevermind there is a usb port which wont give any power in the back however all the others do
  2. I have already done this booted without anything plugged in and still get the same issue
  3. My pc has been working fine for months last night i turned it off after watchi g youtube come back to it today and it says over current has been detected on usb fevice shutting down in 15 seconds iv unplugged the front usb ports didnt work and iv reset the cmos idk what else to do
  4. have already tried with parents and no i only have a headset how would i go about getting a sound barrier in between us as we are pretty colse about 2 metres in between both desks
  5. well im 16 and hes 10 so theres already a big age difference and i just cant seem to find a mic also its the noise from his voice my mic pics up everything right now
  6. could you suggest a good pair as i have ben looking for a while?
  7. i share a room with my brother and have done for a while now i cant play games on my pc with friends very well as they can hear him on his xbox in the background so i was wondering if there would be a solution to this and no i cant move the pc to another room like does anyone know a good headset where they will only be able to hear my voice?
  8. Doesn't load the bios there's no he I connection I have tried over 10 cables in hope integrated and gpu graphics I don't have another bench to test it on and my cpu temps were fine before so everyone is saying that's it's VERY unlikely to be cpu