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  1. Hello, Recently after moving cross country (the US that is) I went and tried to boot my trust gaming rig discovered it wouldn't boot into windows! So I did some tinkering around and determined that one of my two NVMe SSD's was dead, the one with windows on it! While I keep a offsite copy of important documents I would like to recover my Witcher 3 save files. So insert more tinkering around and voila! The BIOS recognizes the Windows Installation Manager installed on the supposedly dead drive, so I boot from it and get to a windows error screen stating that it couldn't connect to so
  2. Thanks for the help people. It was something I was always curious about. Guess I will have to do my best to save for a desktop. Cheers!
  3. After a quick search I found that there is not an active thread on this topic (if there is one please let me know with a link). I know many people would argue that the performance gains from modding your laptop are not inherently worth it, and fundamentally I agree. However being a poor college student I never have enough cash in the back account at one time to purchase the hardware needed for a desktop (yes I am aware you can get in for very cheap, no I don't even have 300 bucks). So what are the basic concepts and ideas on this subject? What kind of changes are practical? Where can you get u