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  1. Hi Chaps, I've been off this forum for years, focusing on music, but I've hit a limit for how long I can go without missing skyrim. It's time to build a PC again. I'd welcome suggestions on anything in this build (especially to lower the price) since I've been out of touch with the PC hardware scene for so long. It'll need to be small and I will need a 5.25" bay (hence case choice). I already have a GTX 760 I borrowed from a friend ages ago, so I'll start there with a view to upgrade later. It'll be for gaming and 4K video editing. I'm sorted for peripherals for now and thankfully
  2. It really annoys me that there's an epic synth AT THE DAMN LIBRARY! I'M SO ENVIOUS
  3. Who wouldn't get on with deadmau5 tbf I'd try and take his whole Doepfer wall home with me
  4. Yeah, modular is definitely not a space or cost efficient/effective way of making music. Fun though!
  5. Hi Chaps, Been an age since I've been on this forum. Interests change, ya'know? Was wondering if there are any other modular synthesis nerds hiding? Show off your gear!
  6. https://www.amazon.co.uk/CablesOnline-Powered-Microphone-Adapter-IP-MIC6/dp/B00EOYWXD0 This is all I've found, and it's unavailable
  7. The stealth would be glorious af! Here's hoping!
  8. Hi Guys, Simple one for you today. I need one of these: Basically like like a NAS without any of the electronic parts for archive sorting purposes. The one pictured is an iDSonix 5 Bay 'Hard Drive Protective Case', which isn't available in the UK and a load of googling hasn't come up with any alternatives. Any ideas? Thanks, bchampion96
  9. Seems like a pretty rad projector! More versatile than a trad, ceiling mounted one seeing as you can move it around way easier. I'd love one!
  10. I would heartily disagree on KRK being the best of the bunch, because of the bigger models having awfully inaccurate low end, however with a 5 inch driver, they'll probably do okay. If you haven't treated your room, there's not a lot of point making serious mixing decisions no matter how much you spend. Personally, I'd pick up the Presonus Eris E5s, and check your low end on headphones.
  11. It's probably a veneer too, that'd cut cost!
  12. I see where you're coming from, but I disagree. If you're learning and your guitar doesn't inspire you to pick it up off the stand, it doesn't matter how good it sounds. It's only a narrow thing, mind. To me, the most inspiring thing is playing your favourite songs and sounding as good as or better than the original. A bad sounding guitar can never deliver such pleasures
  13. That top is glorious! Poplar burl? Cheers! I did the burnt chrome effect on my trem arm over the stove to match