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  1. Hmm thats true... Guess its worth a try
  2. Just checked... It seems like the flickering starts only when GPU temperature goes above 63 degrees and gets worse as it climbs up. Is there anything that can be done?
  3. Had the same issue couple of weeks ago. Check if both sides of the RAM are fully in as in my case I had pushed only the side with the clip fully in, which left the other side out even though it looks like its in.
  4. Thanks, I'll try that. Wont lowering the clock rate affect the performance tho?
  5. I have tested the RAM by switching it with a friends RAM. Kept on crashing. Sorry about not listing the GPU- ASUS 980 MATRIX, other stats- I5-6600k, 8gb RAM, z170 MB. For what I have seen the temperatures seem fine. I would need to check them again while benchmarking tho.
  6. Hi and thank you for the help in advance For the past year or so I have been experiancing random crashes and wierd blue shpaes poping up when playing games for example CS:GO. Recently the crashes have become more frequent and after trying everything up to reinstalling windows and reseting CMOS I decided to again test if the same thing was happening when benchmarking and stress testing the PC (one year ago when crashing wasnt as frequent benchmarking didnt have any issues). I saw the same blue shapes flashing and after 20 min of running the first crash (diference between this crash and t
  7. We ARE GOLDENNNNNN!!!!! Thank you guys for the help!!!!! Had to remove ram multiple times, but it finally worked!!!!
  8. update: reseting cmos didnt help, still tries to turn on, graphics card turns on and then everything shuts down after 3-4 seconds.
  9. Yep, same slots, also tried the other slots, same issue.
  10. Hi and thanks for your help in advance. I have recently been experiencing issues with csgo graphics(random grey spots on maps). Tried to fix it using every method that I could find, most recently reinstalling windows. That didn’t help so I tried to remove and reinstall ram after blowing off the dust. Now the machine tries to turn on, turns on for 3-4 seconds, and shuts down and without me doing anything tries to turn on again and does that on a loop. (Screen wasn’t displaying any images while the machine is “on”)
  11. Thanks I will take it into consideration Im from Eastern Europe so basically whatever you can get in the US for 600-800$ will be like 1000 EUR over here
  12. Hi, I need some help with choosing a new laptop :D It would be mainly used for uni work and some light gaming such as CS. One of the laptops that I am currently looking at is Lenovo P50s as I could get one for quite cheap, but I am a bit afraid of the GPU (Nvidia Quadro m500m). Would it be able to run some light gaming with decent FPS? If not, could you suggest any other laptops within the 800$ price range? Thank you in advance :)