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  1. What i seem to be gathering is that if i update my bios i should be able to make it work for now, but long term i need to be looking at a motherboard thats not as much of a pos
  2. I like it my man, look like you need a bigger desk for all those monitors haha. Hope you get well soon
  3. In January i purchased a variety of new and used parts for a system, this included buying a whole prebuilt system used from a friend which i was only going to use for the case, PSU and motherboard. So i put the new cpu in (ryzen 5 3600) and absolutely nothing, black screen. But when i put the cpu which came with the prebuilt system in (ryzen 3 2300x) it boots right up and everything works great. This brought me to the decision i must have got a faulty CPU and since i didn't have another motherboard to test i exchanged it for a new one. This was a long process with newegg shipping but i g
  4. Yes USB is visible and everything appears right. I used it on another machine like 2 weeks ago
  5. Esc key will let me access a screen to pick boot device but it doesn't see my USB. I also double checked that USB device boot is enabled, its just not seeing it
  6. I format it to NTFS and it still does the same thing. Am I doing something wrong with the format?
  7. So i was switching out my HP laptop's HDD with an SSD drive, while cloning the drive using Macrium Reflect the program stopped responding at 87% and i unplugged the drive from my laptop. When i boot with the SSD i'm met with blue screen ''Your PC/Device needs to be repaired'' ''Error code: 0xc000000e'', when i go into bios and try to boot from my USB drive with windows installed the screen flashes and it won't change boot device. Below is a screenshot of disk management, Disk 1 is the drive in question. I tried to do the clone again on Macrium and i'm met with ''Error 8'' ''clone fa
  8. Building a 4k PC rig for my buddy, never looked into the 4k monitor market before and its looking like i cant find anything name brand 4k-120hz-144hz for less than $1k. Are there any options i'm not seeing
  9. So I bought an iPhone 6 off eBay and made sure it was an AT&T phone, I even paid to have the IMEI checked. Out of the box it connects to wifi and works perfectly, in the data section it displayed ''No Service'' so i took the phone to my local AT&T store and went through the entire process of activating it and then the ''No Service'' changed to ''Searching'' the AT&T employee restarted the phone like 5 times and it still said ''Searching'' keep in mind I live in a large metropolitan area and I know that I have coverage everywhere around where I live, the employee told me that the on
  10. So to cover ground quickly I had an issue with lagging in games which i had an entire post about, you can read it here I figured out that i was having a graphics driver issue and was reccomended to get DDU, uninstall all the old drivers and that this would probably solve the problem. I did a ''Clean and restart'' ''Clean and do Not restart'' and ''Remove GeForce Experience'' Which seems to have worked right because in my device manager its not recognizing my GPU, only Microsoft Basic Driver Adapter. The real problem comes when i try to install new drivers to repl
  11. The rest of the system is in my signature, movement doesn't effect it i can walk and even sprint in any direct but as soon as i move my mouse it lags
  12. So, starting like a month ago I've been having this happen while playing almost any game like an FPS, if I run in a straight line without moving my cursor / vision I get 60FPS flat. (my max frames) But when I looking left or right to turn it drops down to like 30-40fps making it almost unplayable, steady the camera out and it goes right back up to 60FPS... Everywhere I've read it says to update my graphics driver but from what I can tell its fully up to date, not only from the Windows search but going on Nvidia's website. Solution?