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  1. Hey All, Been getting this and not sure what's causing it it keeps happening randomly while gaming (I also have a video playing on other monitor), please let me know if I need to provide more information. The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x00000050 (0xffff9a8449c437d0, 0x0000000000000000, 0xfffff8022af7d3ac, 0x0000000000000002). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: b462bb78-dfb5-4809-bb44-ab99b922d559. OS - Windows 10 pro x64 Age of system less like 2.5 years Age of OS installation - 1 mont
  2. Ahh so it may be that cause its an old Mobo it isnt liking the drivers it gets from win10?
  3. Hello all hope can find some answers My friends PC recently was acting up lagging/BSOD at our lan when he got home it was being even more wack so he decided to do a fresh install of windows which worked but then he got really bad lagging/stuttering on desktop after install.(Was installed on an SSD) Originally thought it was the Mobo/CPU so i lent him my known good ones old AMD platform i was using for a server. He installed and then when he installed windows again same thing Lagging/stuttering from the getgo. He tried on his other SSD too and both the same. He
  4. Hello I just got myself this as a nice little upgrade as well as a couple of m.2 970 evos but it seems like the board only comes with 1 small standoff. Which means i can't actually install both M.2 in the Dimm.2 is this normal? And how important is the standoff, Could i just use a longer screw to hold it in place? Cheers
  5. I have reinstalled the drivers with DDU recently like a month or two ago
  6. It just kind of appears that my computer is giving it more power when its in the background as opposed to being in focus. trying to figure out what would do that
  7. Yea but previously i've had like 100-144 fps just going around being fine not having stutter or frame drops and now it runs better when its in the background as opposed to being selected
  8. I'm not sure whats going on. WoW is getting horrible framedrops and stutters when i have it selected but when i click on the background of my 2nd monitor it goes all smooth and nice. pictures to show. 1440p 144hz monitor 1080TI Strix I7-5820K cpu 16gb ram It was working okay yesterday but never felt i got the boost when i got the 1080ti that i should have Cheers in advance WoW not selected WoW selected
  9. Hello all not sure if right place to ask but cant seem to find anything. My partner recently started a mobile massage business and the facebook intergrated booking was working to start with but now it doesnt at all. On her other page though it works fine to set the appointments. Even when she tries on her mobile it just says "something went wrong" tried different browsers and clearing cache but still not working. If anyone has some ideas that would be awesome! Tried submitting to facebook itself but they have no way to contact them directly so i fear my i
  10. I recently got the Canon 80d for my partner and as the title says in manual mode it will randomly take photos on it's own as well as you can see it do the random actions on the screen. Does anyone know if this is a fixable issue or should I take it back? It's only 3 weeks old has been doing it since day one. Attached video of issue. received_10160136148685296.mp4
  11. It has Bitdefender on it so should be clean, i guess ill just get a new ssd then see if that helps
  12. quite old 2nd hand one i believe and windows 10
  13. Yea i mean after i cut and install the bracket is the one attached to the gpu itself okay to hold all the gpus weight
  14. Just parents being parents and complaining it takes a while to load up stuff (they hardly turn it off) Mainly youtube and facebook and emails and some family tree stuff
  15. Is just that front metal bit of the gpu okay to hold all its weight?