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  1. Thanks for your opinions! We may not be as many as disturbed by the white background. Can give an example of a black background here: 50 s in the video:
  2. More than me who wants to remove the white background in Techquick for a black? I run dark mode and get dazzled and must instead listen. I do not want to miss any episode of Tech Quick.
  3. Not Ryzen computer. After Resolve 14 it will crash more and more when they update the program. But I can't stand Premiere and love Davinci Resolve and must take it :)
  4. I hope YouTube or Enhancer for YouTube makes is possible for viewer to crop to 16;9. Or somebody now a script I can put in Enhancer for YouTube to crop? Hm, yes I fix it with Ultrawidify: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ultrawidify/dndehlekllfkaijdlokmmicgnlanfjbi/related
  5. Ops, I'm in the Apple forum? Have you read the other post? The video is down even on Twitch :) But I like you, but pleas, don't be so rude.
  6. Maybe tomorrow? A renamed version works to upload on YouTube.
  7. Perfect, then I can watch tonight after work - work 6 days a week and believe it or not, I come from Sweden:)
  8. PRIME X370-PRO Ryzen 1800X Pallit GameRock 1080 Yes now 2018. If I have Dual Intelligent Processors 5 installed I get black screen and power cord out to restart the computer. Uninstall AI_Suite_III_3.00.31 and no black screen anymore, but miss FanExpert.
  9. No Wan show on You Tube. I don't like to watch from twitch.tv: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/333839902 Somebody ho have the unlisted link if not the upload is set to private.
  10. Whao, the price for 280 and 280Ti was high! I'm leaving the enthusiast sector.
  11. Can PrimoCache speed upp loading time for games from Networks disk (Unraid)? Even if windows often don't mount a networks share when you login and you must do it manually (30 yer old Windows bugg).
  12. AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, Nvidia GTX 1080 and Windows 10 proo Insider Preview 1803 build number 17692.1004
  13. Gets crazy when I'm looking at program like Techquickie. The Sound comes 20 ms after the Video If the sound comes before, you can fix it on the sound bar, but not delay of the sound. Some tips folk? This problem only appears on YouTube (Chrome, Firefox, Edge).
  14. I have a Samsung HW-K950 Soundbar hook up to my PC. Unfortunately you cant with Samsung Soundbar get 4K HDR from PC. Then i must do HDMI to TV + DVI-HDMI cable to Samsung soundbar and "extend desktop" in Windows to get audio. You can not send only audio with Nvidia cards. This works well until you watch Netflix 4K HDR ATMOS with the app. Netflix 4K does not work with expanded desktop in Windows. I get 1080p and not 4K (HDR or not HDR is the same). Is there any Soundcard with HDMI out to get only sound from HDMI on the market?