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    Pixel5 got a reaction from paddy-stone in Building an energy efficient NAS - Which platform should I use?   
    do you have any plans to use plex or something else that would require you to have a GPU for hardware transcoding?
    i personally found the low power Celerons way too slow so i have gone for an i3 10100 instead, the system idles at like 20W which is fine for me.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from wat3rmelon_man2 in Ground cooling   
    that probably wouldnt be very good at cooling because you are not putting the heat anywhere where it can dissipate so its only a matter of time till the area you are using for cooling becomes heat soaked.
    what you are describing here is usually done in reverse that people use a heat pump to get heat out of the ground because the deeper you go the hotter the ground gets.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from Chris Pratt in AIO Desktop.   
    best for what purpose exactly and for which budget?
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from Vishera in I9 10900k vs I9 11900k   
    it depends if you only want to game and what price you can find each CPU for.
    generally the 10900k is better but then again a 5800X would be even better in most scenarios.
  5. Informative
    Pixel5 got a reaction from TheInvisible_Dude in Camera suggestions for landscapes and beginners?   
    honestly with no experience about cameras the first question you should ask yourself is if you want to learn about, stuff like ISO, exposure times, focal lengths, choosing the right lens for the job and editing the photos later on or if you just want a simple point and shoot camera with a good auto mode?
    Professional cameras can get you really good pictures but that also usually means you need to understand which exact settings are the best for your current situation which usually also means you want a set of different lenses.
    If this is not what you want to learn or even deal with during the trip i would recommend to spend the money on a high end smartphone as these cameras provide a good auto mode and you want a smartphone with you anways.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from leadeater in AMD announces Zen 3 APUs with "the world's fastest graphics in a desktop processor", OEM only for now   
    if these APU´s including the IGPU get solid support under Linux and support hardware accelerated transcoding in Plex these CPU´s will become the number one for anyone building a DIY NAS/Plex server 
    Literally the only reason i bought an intel CPU for my NAS was the iGPU is supported in Plex.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from Kanna in Should I get my new case first or last?   
    as long as you have a case thats good enough there is really no reason to change cases at all.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from Froody129 in Should I upgrade to i7 3770 from i5 2500   
    that depends on how much this CPU will cost you.
    generally you would be much better off not spending any money until you have like 200 bucks saved up so you can buy a socket 1200 motherboard and an i3 10100 which would give you a huge performance boost.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from Albert F in Concern about pulling power from 1 8pin for 2 6pin connectors   
    yea for a 970 this is completely fine.
    these things exist exactly for your use case, the only time where this could be a problem is with very high powered GPU´s.
    for example my 6900XT needs two 8 pin power cables and they specifically say it needs to come from two cables directly because it draws too much power for one of them to handle.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from gdb123456 in the best server?   
    hard to tell if this is the best workstation without knowing what its going to be used for.
    The best workstation is the one thats tailored to your workloads.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from THICC_DUDE in Verified Actual Gamer Program Information   
    guess for the next drop they should not open the page till someone could have actually watched the video to the point where the information was given.
    basically anyone that took the 10 minutes or so it took to get to the right section of the video already had no chance anymore.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from Eigenvektor in I'm Confused   
    its E-ATX according to Gigabytes own website.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from ShrimpBrime in What to do to prevent the voltage from jumping to 1.48V on the Amd Ryzen 7 3700x processor?   
    the voltage is normal simply because it is the default voltage that you see there, AMD doesnt give out any numbers for a normal voltage because they simply tell their board partners which voltages they should set as default.
    you can google that question and you will find hundreds of posts of people asking the same question and getting the same answer.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from Mark Kaine in why does gta v redux mod cuts my fps into half? is it really that demanding?   
    if your system specs in the signature are up to date im surprised you get that kind of FPS at all. a 750Ti is not exactly fast and especially the lack of VRAM will slow you down a ton.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from tkitch in How much can the back of a motherboard be covered? (Case mod)   
    you can cover this part as much as you like, the reason why most motherboards have a cutout there is not for cooling purposes but because there are many coolers specifically for Intel platforms that are screwed in from the back side so if you dont have that cut out and you ever want to remove the cooler you have to completely remove the motherboard.
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    Pixel5 reacted to dizmo in How do i start a PC building business?   
    You don't. You realize it's a bad idea, and stop before you invest the money required.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from Archer42 in Looking for a NAS (probably?)   
    as other have mentioned for that amount of money you cant really get much, just getting two 8TB drives for example would already consume the entire budget and then you also have no place to put these drives.
    Step one for you is to check what files do you really need to have backed up, most people think they need a backup of everything until they realize that this costs money.
    Once this is done you can check which services you have available for this, for example if you have Amazon prime you get unlimited storage for photos or if you have Office 365 you get 1TB storage on Onedrive.
    chances are you dont need anything extra and can even backup the really important data on a service you already pay for.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from birdflyer in Home Server Build   
    keep in mind these servers consume a ton of power, if electricity is expensive where you are this server is gonna cost multiple times its own price per year to run.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from Kilrah in Possibly shorted my hard drives...   
    well the easiest way to see if they are still functioning is to plug them in correctly and see if they show up as expected.
    If you are lucky its just the PCB of the drive that is fried and a professional could take the PCB of functioning drives of the exact same model and possibly restore the data but obviously this is gonna be super expensive so its probably better to use a backup you hopefully have and just buy new drives.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from ZiconMast in ! URGENT: PSU for Lian li o11 dynamic mini   
    when you click on the case you will see in the left side below all the case information a button to view compatible powersupplies.
    you can take any SFX power supply which can be had with up to 1000W so you should have no problem finding one.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from Barn1356 in Need a speaker amp   
    honestly given the low budget and that you are in india you probably gotta take whatever you can find on the used market for that price.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from Stahlmann in how much thermal conductivity is enough?   
    basically any normal thermal paste is enough.
    The limiting factor in cooling is the cooler itself so having a better thermal paste will only lower temperature spikes that occur before the temperature averages out again.
    If you dont plan on hardcore overclocking you dont need any special sauce as your thermal paste.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from tikker in gpu running at 100% for easy to play game   
    unless the game you play limits the frame rate the GPU will simply run as fast as it can to deliver as much frames as possible.
    in rainbow six your CPU becomes you bottleneck which holds the GPU back from giving you more FPS and getting to 100% usage, meanwhile in uno your CPU is basically irrelevant so your GPU is probably pushing out like 500fps or more because its not limited by anything.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from Trikoo in Gaming from a NAS storage   
    given that storage space is cheap as hell this is not worth the effort, the 10Gbe network you need to make this at all practical would cost you more then getting an extra HDD for each computer.
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    Pixel5 got a reaction from Psittac in Need a speaker amp   
    honestly given the low budget and that you are in india you probably gotta take whatever you can find on the used market for that price.