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  1. Do you have digital multimeter? If you do you should as last thing to check if power cables are working with voltage measurement. If digital multimeter says voltage is around 12volts then the cable is working and GPU is dead. Only thing you can do in case of broken GPU is either send it to someone for repair or have it as fancy paper weight, repairing gpus involves alot of pcb component level diagnostics and not everyone know how to do it and its not guaranteed to be able to be fixed. Measure between middle pins on 6+2 connector, like in image below. Remember to put the
  2. The GPU is broken if power cables are attached properly to bowth PSU and GPU, check the cables in PSU end too if its modular one.
  3. What kind of issue it is? No POST? No drivers installing? We need more information. But if GTX 1050 Ti works fine then it could be the GPU it self. Also check the power cables, most Radeons wont boot without PCIE power cables. If the machine wont POST with the GPU (boot to bios etc..) then it is highly likely the R9 390X is broken, you could send it to someone for repair if it does not have warranty, if you are in Finland i can do it too.
  4. This depends from game to game. Also depends on settings, you running Windowed? Fullscreen Windowed? Fullscreen?
  5. System specs Corsair Crystal Series 280X AMD Ryzen 3600XT * Asus Strix B550-I G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB 4000 CL17 ** nVidia Quadro K2200 *** 1Tb Kingston A2000 NVMe SSD Seasonic Focus G-650 Watercooling Barrow AM4 RGB Waterblock Barrow 14mm Hardtube fittings Corsair 14mm PMMA tubes 4 x Arctic P12 fans 2 x 240mm EK Coolstream Classic SE rads EK XRES 140 D5 pump+reservoir Various extra fittings and adapters Notes * upgrade soon as 5800X is released ** run at 3800 CL14 *** upgrade soon as RTX 3080 arri
  6. Unlocked my old faithful beast Gigabyte GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme WF WB. Id say i no longer care about silicon degradation. EDIT : Seems like Framebuffer does not like much above 2200 @ 1.2v, or maybe its RAM issue, not 100% shure. Framebuffer usage goes gradually down from 50-60% to 20-30% causing FPS to tank. This is, interesting. EDIT 2 : Framebuffer issue definetly related to power output, voltages and clocks. Best results with 2152mhz, 1150mv, +500Mem, with mem stock it can push 1175mv 2175mhz but 100 less score in Unigine Superposition. It pulls around 430-460w
  7. Sometimes Asus RMA sends you refurbished graphics card, for me they did send refurb card and can have other than repaired components failing very soon after quality testing, i ditched asus shortly after completely, no asus hardware in my pc's anymore. Or then something else, PSU sending out of spec low or high (outside -10.8 to -13.6v on -12VDC or 11.4 to 12.6v on +12VDC range) voltage to graphics card can easelly cause stability issues, like crashing etc.. Or just related to that RTX 2080 Ti fiasco with founders edition graphics cards just randomly failing, maybe simil
  8. On grounds of right to repair. It wont void warranty on other parts of the monitor, like if electronics broke, electronics would still be covered by warranty. And unless they can proof the damage was caused by new glue installation they cannot void warranty in my country.
  9. Seems like my monitor's surface werent attached properly to lcd panel, on top there is sizeable cap and backlight visible trough it. Anyone else had this kind of issues with curved monitors? Wondering if i should disassemble monitor and "glue" the "glass" back into monitor or should i just send it to warrantly, its gonna take like 3months knowing how the retailer who i bought it from handles warranties.
  10. I guess this explains it. It automatically selected YCbCr420 color format when i plugged it in.
  11. Just plugged in temporary my 4K monitor to GTX760 graphics card via DVI with DVI-to-HDMI cable. I was quite surpriced to see that my monitor worked 4k@60Hz trough DVI-to-HDMI cable. Need dig deeper why its so, as far as i know this should not be possible with any Single Link DVI to HDMI cable. Any ideas why it would run 4k trough DVI?
  12. I have tried stock non-xmp settings that board boots after resetting cmos (2133Mhz) and it does happen with those settings too. Memory it self passes 8+hours test of HCI MemTest (13Gb used) and 8+hours of Karhu RAMTest with 3466@CL14 1.45v, memory also passed same test with 3600@CL15 1.45v. It does not work 3200@CL14 either on this or another memory kit.
  13. I have following problem with my new ITX pc build. Random shutdowns, all screens go blank and go to standby mode, all fans go to max rpm. Happening randomly, sometimes right after booting Windows, sometimes maybe 6-12 hours later. Temperatures are in check CPU temperature max. 70'c on Prime95 load overclocked to 4.1Ghz@1.40v (the issue is there with stock too), mainboard sensors say everything is between 30-45'c, i have got fan blowing air to VRM so it should be also in check. What i have tested : Different PSU's and its happening with bowth (EVGA G2 1000
  14. Exactly what im looking for.. now to find it in local stores
  15. That could be the fan, even tough im not fond of its desing. Ill take look and see if i can find 120mm version of that.