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  1. Funny
    wrathoftheturkey got a reaction from Burretploof in Disassembly Logitech G402 (for cleaning)   
    screw that m8 too much work
  2. Agree
    wrathoftheturkey got a reaction from IAmAndre in 64GB vs 32GB DDR4   
    uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no. Plenty of X99 MoBos only have 4 slots, the CPU doesn't determine the number of physical slots.
  3. Funny
    wrathoftheturkey got a reaction from TopHatProductions115 in How do I unsubscribe from a status update?   
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    wrathoftheturkey got a reaction from RyanEsau in amazing /tts messgaes to troll in discord?   
    I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop and you don't stop the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jump the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie the beat  
  5. Funny
    wrathoftheturkey got a reaction from TheKDub in Gender Distribution?   
    So how're those Gigahertz overclocking for ya, if you know what I mean? *wink wink* How hot are you under load?
  6. Agree
    wrathoftheturkey reacted to Dash Lambda in Should I just learn Algebra 1 basics or should I learn it with more detail?   
    If you want to learn a topic in math, just dive in.
    As for actually doing it -When I wanted to learn Calc 1 ahead of time, I asked for the ISBN for the textbook my school uses and bought it, then I just went through the book. I'd suggest trying that.
  7. Funny
    wrathoftheturkey reacted to vanished in Should I just learn Algebra 1 basics or should I learn it with more detail?   
    idk what you mean by basics... I feel like we could get that out of the way right here and now  
    like, x + 5 = 14
    subtract 5 from both sides
    x = 9
    2x = 7
    divide both sides by 2
    x = 3.5
    just, do the same thing to both sides until you get your variable = something
  8. Agree
    wrathoftheturkey reacted to ARikozuM in Pewdiepie uses racial slur on livestream of PUBG, Firewatch dev files DMCA   
    I'm willing to lay money on the line that this is Pewdiepie's modus operandi. He does something seemingly innocently, waits for it to blow up, and then profits from it. He's done it multiple times and will get away with it once more. We just need to keep the spotlight away from him this time. 
  9. Agree
    wrathoftheturkey got a reaction from orbitalbuzzsaw in Official Unofficial Favorite Keyswitch Type Survey   
    who the hell likes membranes?
  10. Informative
    wrathoftheturkey reacted to nicklmg in How many PCIe Extensions is TOO MANY??   
    Pointless comment posted 1 minute after a ~10 minute video is set live is pointless.
  11. Agree
    wrathoftheturkey got a reaction from kirashi in XPS 15 or Precision 5520 Workstation (dell)   
    I got the XPS 15 a couple days ago as a warranty replacement for a broken MSI and the build quality and screen (oh lord the screen) are unlike anything I've ever seen before. It's definitely enough for your workload, and given that the XPS has a GPU and better specs for the same price I'm not sure why you'd go with the precision
  12. Informative
    wrathoftheturkey got a reaction from Toon in Do keyboards, mouse, and a 144hz monitor really make a difference in FPS gaming?   
    Keyboard? Not really. Unless you're a cuthroat professional CS:GO player, a high refresh rate monitor is nice, but not enough of a bother to justify spending 200+ dollars (at least, IMO). But a nicer mouse can definitely help (and make gaming more comfortable in the process). 
  13. Agree
    wrathoftheturkey reacted to ARikozuM in Do keyboards, mouse, and a 144hz monitor really make a difference in FPS gaming?   
    Yes, as long as you can use them. Same thing happens in sports. You can upgrade your racket, but if your technique sucks... your racket isn't going to change anything. 
    Personally, I've got friends who will destroy me and any KB/M users with just a simple 360 controller. Give them an Xbox Elite and our chances go way down. 
  14. Agree
    wrathoftheturkey reacted to Pasi123 in Where do you buy a bga1168 processor?   
    Did you just sign up to send a message to a year old conversation?
  15. Like
    wrathoftheturkey got a reaction from Niemand in LGBT community   
    Importing? Excuse me? My folks weren't "imported," they came for better education and worked damn hard to get their visas. Who the hell are you to decide who's of importance? Last I checked, the Statue of Liberty didn't make exceptions for "those turbaned folks from the east."
    And I'm sorry, your evidence for this is where?
    In completely unrelated news, my Amazon order dissapeared. Just, poof. Even got the confirmation email, and now it's just gone. No record on their site.
  16. Agree
    wrathoftheturkey reacted to tom_w141 in is my i7 7700k really supposed to have these temps??   
    Thats actually really good for the 7700k. It has a higher clock speed out of the box and Hyperthreading enabled
  17. Informative
  18. Informative
    wrathoftheturkey reacted to amancalledoss in Has anything suprised you fixing someones PC   
    Well yesterday my neighbour asked me to have a look at his laptop because it just wouldnt turn on , I was on my way out at the time so I said leave it with me and Ill sort it for you , he wasnt keen on the idea but did leave it .
    As soon as I got back home he rushed out to see if I was going to do it and I told him yes later but he seemed so low I said Id have a look right away so I plugged it in and nothing so next option I checked the fuse and plugged it back in again and it fired up , he snatched it up so fast he broke the screen so I asked "wtf did you do that for" and he broke down told me he was gay and that his wife didnt know and was worried Id find out when the screen came up and Id tell her !!!!
    Im having a bloody strange day !
  19. Informative
    wrathoftheturkey reacted to Slick in LGBT community   
    I've thought about doing one with Chloe(chihuahua) but unfortunately the others have passed away over time.
  20. Agree
    wrathoftheturkey reacted to Lurick in Wired vs Wifi for Gaming   
    Wired is ALWAYS better compared to wifi, you're not susceptible to connection drops, random ping spikes, etc. when on wired.
  21. Agree
    wrathoftheturkey reacted to TVwazhere in Wired vs Wifi for Gaming   
    This is my exact setup, except the router and bed room are also on entirely different floors!
  22. Informative
    wrathoftheturkey reacted to captain_to_fire in LGBT community   
    I tend to overlook posts especially my first post in this thread was back in December. 
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  24. Agree
    wrathoftheturkey got a reaction from Zando Bob in Cores?   
    I mean, for streaming more cores are always better, but a 7700k or a 1700X ought to suffice for 1080p streaming. Which GPU's in the system? 
  25. Agree
    wrathoftheturkey got a reaction from Zando Bob in Use laptop monitor   
    Not easily. You have to take apart the laptop and look for a reliable adapter for that weird connector to HDMI, which are hard to find.
    Nope, sorry. There are video-output ports, no inputs.