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About wrathoftheturkey

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  • Birthday December 4

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    Not Telling
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    Sexy Sax Guy with better hair
  • Occupation
    Potato farmer


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte GA-Z97X-GAMING 3
  • RAM
    24 GB
  • GPU
    PNY GTX 960
  • Case
    Rosewill Gaming ATX Mid Tower Computer Case CHALLENGER-U3 Black
  • Storage
    Crucial 500GB SSD
  • PSU
    Death (EVGA 500 B2)
  • Display(s)
    HP 2711x and Acer thingamybob
  • Cooling
    Death (stock)
  • Keyboard
    k70 LUX
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    HD 598 Cs, CX 300 iis

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    1. PlayStation 2

      PlayStation 2

      which is more fitting for this: "L" or "oh"

    2. Tech_Dreamer


      great , now you need to go an safari to read terms & conditions? How much money does apple think we have?

    3. handymanshandle


      Maybe drop one and go with D'oh?

      Nah probably oh

  1. Installing Life is Strange.... I feel like I'm going to regret this. On the other hand, it is free, so meh?

    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. themctipers



      it gets so much deeper


      and slightly lewd

      then kinky


      and then it ends

  2. Albert may have been a genius, but his brother Frank was a real monster

  3. The Cloud IIs are actually pretty good if you need a mic
  4. Only if you pay more than what you'd pay for the same specs on the XPS
  5. I got the XPS 15 a couple days ago as a warranty replacement for a broken MSI and the build quality and screen (oh lord the screen) are unlike anything I've ever seen before. It's definitely enough for your workload, and given that the XPS has a GPU and better specs for the same price I'm not sure why you'd go with the precision
  6. When your wallpaper uses 500MB of RAM 

    Screenshot (1).png

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    2. Technomancer__


      i whould change it to a 1080p one for the ram

    3. wrathoftheturkey


      It has 8 GB.... besides, what's the point of getting such a fancy laptop if you can't enjoy it?

    4. themctipers


      i have a 4k wallpaper and it doesn't even use 500mb


      and yet it is a tif, which is 550mb.


  7. Oh fuck are Wasabi Doritos out of stock already?

    1. captain_to_fire


      I can't find one on Amazon 

    2. wrathoftheturkey


      They're ducking incredible

    3. captain_to_fire


      I haven't tried one. 

  8. Keyboard? Not really. Unless you're a cuthroat professional CS:GO player, a high refresh rate monitor is nice, but not enough of a bother to justify spending 200+ dollars (at least, IMO). But a nicer mouse can definitely help (and make gaming more comfortable in the process).
  9. Godverdomme That's all I got