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  1. Thanks for the feedback! Glad you liked the review. I plan to review some of the other stuff I have around as well, so it's nice to hear that people enjoyed the first one I put up. As for your question: at the moment, I am powering the HD 558 off of my laptop and sometimes my iPod, but I am looking into buying an external USB DAC/amp sooner or later. Since the headphones have a 50 ohm impedance, which is not a lot considering the size of the drivers inside the HD 558, the sound won't be entirely different, but still slightly more balanced and rich. You can however use them on any PC, lapt
  2. Sennheiser HD 558 Review - Audiophilia on a Budget For a long time, my go-to solution for music listening both at home and on the go have been earphones or in-ear monitors. They were (at the time for me) pretty affordable, offered great sound for the price, and were easy to tuck in a bag or pocket to have with me at all times. But as much as I loved and still love the sound and convenience of IEMs when I'm out and about or traveling, I soon realized that there's just something more distinguished and refined to owning and using a quality pair of over-ear headphones. And thus my sear
  3. To my knowledge, the Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact do so as well, as does possibly the Z5 lineup.
  4. Rival 300 is great. It's a shaped mose though, so if you want a symmetrical one instead, five the Rival 100 or Sensei RAW a try. I don't personally like the Logitech G402 or G303
  5. A HDD making ticking noises like a clock usually means the read/write head is hitting one of the limiters. It's a problem that can be caused by corrupted code on the controller, failure of the servo moving the head or some other software or hardware problem. It's possible that this issue is not picked up by S.M.A.R.T. or other diagnostics tools depending on what part of the drive is causing it. It might be a sign that the drive is failing but it might also just be a thing your drive does randomly, I had a Hitachi drive in my notebook once that did a similar thing and it still
  6. Also great: Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pronounced in French
  7. As I understand it, you want to know why the windows.old folder is not affected by a Windows 10 reinstall? My best guess would be that since the windows.old folder contains the data from the previous OS the computer ran on (if you updated to Win 10 from 7 or 8/8.1), the Win 10 restore is configured to not erase the files in there so that a reverse to the previous OS is sill possible even after Win 10 has been installed from scratch.
  8. Also, when you're in safe mode you could try running the Win 10 setup from a bootable Windows installer USB key, there mostly my way to go. In order to create a bootable USB, download the MediaCreationTool.exe from Microsoft's website (Click "Download tool now" here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/software-download/windows10), then insert a USB key of at least 4 GB capacity and run the tool. Select the drive you inserted and click next until the wizard says its done. There is then a Setup.exe file on the drive which you need to run as admin. That is going to trigger a reinstall of
  9. Yup, pictures, music, documents, videos... all that. Not sure about settings and installed apps/programs, but maybe those as well
  10. You should be able to do a reinstall without erasing your personal data under Win 10. When selecting the restore option you find in the settings app, it should ask you if you want to wipe the disk or just overwrite the OS files. Don't quote me on that though, I usually do manual clean reinstalls myself.
  11. First off, I gotta agree with @Katsunaka that you should probably try to open the mouse up and check if it's just some dirt cuasing you problems or if in fact the left mouse button's switch is broken. Also, check the warranty on the mouse, maybe you can get a repair or replacement from the manufacturer. Other than that, maybe check out the SteelSeries Rival 100 if you still want to buy a new mouse. It's usually around $35-40 on Amazon or other retailers, but it is really solid for the price. Great lightweight construction, no unnecessary buttons, and it feels really smooth and well
  12. What operating system are you using on the laptop?
  13. Just found out this thread existed. Now I'm not gonna leave again, probably ever. Great stuff around here. NOTE: Not listening to music right now, so I can't post what I'm currently playing... sorry. Will come back soon though
  14. You're welcome! I personally own a pair of Sennheiser HD558s, which I love for all they are, but then they're also open-back. Great sound and build quality for the price (~ $120) though, give them a listen if you're ready
  15. The HD7 and HD8 DJ are (as you can guess from their names) closed-back headphones that are marketed towards fans and producers of electronic music and therefore are pretty heavy on the bass side of things. If you want to go for that kind of sound, than do go and try them out, I listened to them a while back and they pack a well focused sound and are very sturdy. But depending on what you want to listen to, they might sound a bit dull. Light rock, blues or classical music for example don't really benefit from being so bass-driven. If you do want a more flat response curve (meaning t