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  1. I want a joystick on my xbox one to play kerbal space program and elite dangerous on if you know if one is compatable with the xbox one or was made for the xbox one please reply. Thanks
  2. Thanks P.s I'm British sorry for the late reply
  3. My pc got wiped and my tablet broke but now I am back
  4. Thats Only 150$ 1350$ Left I Think (IDontMaths)
  5. On overclockers uk there out of stock Try going in the buy/sell/trade section in the forums
  6. Id Say Don't Use An Extension Lead The Surge Protector Messes With The Psu's Surge Protector If You Continue Surge Could 100% Break Your System Thats What Ive Seen Anyway.
  7. Ok Thanks If I Have 6 Fan Headers Ill Get All 6 Fans And A Fan Controller, If I Have Less Ill Get The Most Important Fans And Ditch The Fan Controller. Thanks For Replying Ill Bear Your Suggestion In Mind.
  8. Thanks For The Video I'll View It And Go From There. Thanks For Replying Ill Bear Your Suggestion In Mind.
  9. I May Get Rid Of My Output 2 And Hard Drive Fans Previously Mentioned On My Post Thanks For Replying Ill Bear Your Suggestion In Mind.
  10. I May Downgrade I Was Thinking Of: Input (so There's Actually Air In The System) Cpu (like Every Normal Computer Has) Graphics Card (Bare Card) Hard Drive (my Hard Drive Gets Quite Hot Well Downloading) Output 1 (Near Psu) Output 2 (Near Pci / Chipset) Thanks For Replying Ill Bear Your Suggestion In Mind.
  11. Hey There, I've Been Been Building A Custom Pc. Im Using Lots Of Fans To Cool It (6), Is It Worth Getting A Fan Controller To Control When Certain Fans Need To Input/Output Air . Thanks For Reading, If You Have A Suggestion Please Reply.
  12. Why Does Teren "Not Car" ? P.s Teren im not trying to be mean
  13. Hi This Mouse Is Good Gamers In Mind Very high Dpi Quite Cheap Us: http://www.amazon.com/UtechSmart-Venus-Programmable-programmable-Customizing/dp/B00FNKMVUO/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1456707458&sr=8-6&keywords=gaming+mouse+high+dpi Uk: http://www.amazon.co.uk/UtechSmart-Venus-Programmable-programmable-Customizing/dp/B00FNKMVUO/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1456707458&sr=8-6&keywords=gaming+mouse+high+dpi
  14. ive got an idea ill give my internet security the data and they can destroy hackers
  15. anything that messes with my network my provider will literally go as far as getting an employee in the factory to unplug the cable or something