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  • Birthday Jul 11, 1996

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    South Carolina
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    Adobe products, Building computers, Networking.
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    Simple guy who works
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    Bagger/Deli at a store.


  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 1700
  • Motherboard
    MSI B350 Gaming Pro
  • RAM
    32 GB G.Skill AEGIS
  • GPU
    NVidia 980Ti
  • Case
    its White and from Thermaltake. Thats all I know.
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    Not enough.
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    850Watt Sentry
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    Hisense 50' IN UHD TV
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    Stock Ryzen
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    Corsair K70
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    Logitech G303
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    Blue Yeti
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    Windows 7 - FTW Edition

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  1. I'll probably do that just to sell it, and go with another manufacture. I've already had to RMA the board once Strangely it had some problems with ram, however the ultimate cause to rma it last time was a bios update failed. System hanged and no dual bios to save my time.
  2. Yep 4 different times for each ram and each slot (2 ram, 2 slots)
  3. Ok so here's the rigerous testing I did before I made this post. Specs Ryzen 1700 Stock 32GB G.Skill AEGIS 16GBx2 Ram kit MSI B350 Gaming Pro EVGA GTX1080 850Watt PSU Sentey Samsung 840 Evo Problems started last week. OS shows 16gb out of the 32gb I have. Cleared Cmos Reseated everything. Installed latest bios version for my mobo, 2.6 Still 16/32GB, I put memtest on a USB Flashdrive as a bootable drive. Place one stick in, ran memtest. overnight. Success! (4 passes) Place other Stick in, ran memtest the 2nd night. Success! (4 passes) Repeated but in slot two for
  4. Holy shat that voltage. But I do love ryzen processors. I currently own a 1700, over clocked it to 3.6 @ 1.3Vs Playing it safe for now until Cooler master gets their Seidon class AIO's to receive the am4 bracket update Still waiting =( ) also I got my memory (32gb, 16gbx2) to 2400 Mhtz @ 1.25Vs CL 15 It's great for doing all the work I need.
  5. Nah somehow it was clearing the cmos that fixed the Smt issue. Windows 7 isn't officially supported by amd, but I'm still able to use the OS. Right now SMT is on and I went ahead did a cinebench to see how It stacks up.
  6. I get HT and SMT mixed up. So used to saying HT because up until now Intel had their variant of SMT.
  7. Ok so this is just an on going occurrence that'll hopefully get fixed. I started to freak out a bit because I do a lot of Cad work, Modeling, After effects, Compile, Hex edit. All sorts of stuff.
  8. Ok, this is weird. There's not SMT option anywhere on the bios. (And it tends to freeze a lot gonna contact MSI on that.) But I went ahead and cleared the cmos, this time taking out the battery. (I used the jumpers last time), and now SMT is enabled. But anyway going to post Bios Pictures and let you guys have a look. (Phone camera so bare the quality)
  9. Whoops I get those mixed up, anyway going to set into Bios and i'll take a look and if I don't see anything I'll post Pictures.
  10. Hello, I just bought the new AMD Ryzen 1700 cpu, MSI B350 Gaming Pro Mobo, and a 32GB Kit of G.Skill Aegis. OS is Windows 7. As of right now I have No Idea why my Hyperthreading on my Ryzen cpu is Disabled. I Don't have any Overclocking right now, and It was working before (See attachment), I have tried a Cmos reset, but that hasn't fixed my problem. Windows is set to High Performance and none of my cores are parked. I have another drive that has My windows 10 OS and it also shows 8 cores with no hyperthreading. Am I doing something wrong, or is it some sort of bug I happen to hav
  11. Thank you lel, I usually live life to the fullest I can everyday.
  12. let's not make each other an issue. Obviously your sarcasm on the first post ticked me wrong, So honestly apologies on my end for throwing some shade at you. Lets not get at each others throats for some shitty reason lol. So yeah, i'm an emotional wreck right now so i'm kinda venting my frustrations (which isn't good.) and it's a personal reason as well.
  13. What credit card? I used my money that I worked for. So actually I used my Debt card. So I had one mistake with money. So I should have my Card confiscated from me? My credit Score is in the Good to Very Good Range. I financed a car that's under My name, and I'm currently 2 months of payments Ahead. Please. Don't tell me how to manage my money. If I made a mistake Oh well.
  14. The persons store is gone however their username was joyfulisa, and at the time before I bought the Cpu, they had one positive review. Which that review was around 2009. Also yeah, I'm not too worried about this since I'm told by amazon that they'll refund me on Tuesday. I didn't see any negative reviews from the person until 2 days after I purchased from them. Yeah, I never really had a problem with amazon or third party's since being a member since 2015. So i am at fault for being negligent on fully reviewing the person.