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    i7 9700k @ 4.9GHz
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    16GB Corsair Vengence LPX
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  1. Seems a bit odd a car like that not having parking sensors. Unless they werent working
  2. No lol I work for JLR. Was one of our trade ins. Needed tyres all round and the bill came to about £1900 lol
  3. Agreed. Shame general maintenance items on them are stupidly expensive. Set of tyres on this one was just shy of £2k!!!
  4. F type M4 Rs5 ISF Type R 911 GTR etc Plenty of choice out there, just gotta find something you like and then browse owners forums about them
  5. We dont. They just arent as appealing. Theres only so much excitement a car that sets off quickly can bring. I drive I-Paces on the daily and yes theyre quick but thats where the excitement stops really, they severely lack in character and you can't really use them for long journeys either due to range limitations and charge times.
  6. And I thought my old C2 was bad . . . Proof the chinese will buy anything
  7. Sounds like the 5 litre F types. Useless in anything but bone dry, hot weather on basically brand new tyres.
  8. Theyre pretty reliable usually tho arent they? The older gens atleast
  9. Open bonnet Cable tie 3090 to intake Create custom loom Instant +200hp
  10. Yeah, drove a new gen M3 yesterday for the first time and even with everything in comfort the box is wank at slow speeds but open it up a bit and its wonderful