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Everything posted by vramnik7

  1. I have an 1080 founders and if i get a asus strix 1080 will that work ?
  2. well the the hole is that big enough that when i try to remove the screw the key is moving on its on
  3. The hole just get bigger and bigger and i cant even turn it now its moving free inside the hole
  4. any1 have a problem with the hole screws that cant be removed? im like crazy mad i cant remove them ao i can clean my rad
  5. If i delid it will it be worth it ? and can i leave it without glueing it back together just to be free ?
  6. i mean just to leave it like that not to glue it back just return the metal tingy to the cpu and dome
  7. Hey if i delid my 7700k can i leave it just free and not glue it together is that fine ?
  8. it's custom by ek all is separated like pump radiotars and fans
  9. well like its new past months i think i just need to clean it amd change fluid
  10. no its like 1 year like that didnt touch it how can i see if the pumps dead ? like if its dead wound it like not start my pc ?
  11. Its over like an year and cpu is going crazy when playing games...... i know ppl dellid there 7700k but if i delid it can i just leave it like that on the MB and not like glue it back ?
  12. CPU i7 7770k 4.20ghz Motherboard Asus rog Maximus ix formula RAM CORSAIR DDR4 3000Hz 32gb GPU Nvidia Gtx 1080 Case Thermaltake core x71 Storage ssd m2 500gb rd 400 and 3 tb wd black PSU corsair hx 1000i Display(s) BenQ RL2455HM 24" and Asus rog pg278q Cooling full custom water cooling from ekwb Keyboard
  13. Nothing is doing and didnt used a other port will try i got like 6 usb 3.0 on the pc im using Asus maximus ix formula
  14. The flash is Kingston Datatraveler 100 G3 64GB USB 3.0 ....
  15. Got an m2 ssd and and a nice hard drive why my speed is like 10-20mb and then drop to 0 and goes back to 20 ? Any fix becouse thats some crazy stuff .
  16. Hello so its like 1 year when i build my new system with cpu and gpu cooling and i think its time to flush and change the cooling so any tips how to do it safe and my pump is using the pwm conector so i cant do a other psu ? or i can ? If u have ideas share them please Thanks!