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    maxium VI Formula
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    16GB Vengeance 1866
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    2x ASUS GTX780 DCUII
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    fractal design define R5
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    3x 2TB WD Enterprise Drvies (Got em Free) and 850 evo 500gb
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    RM 750
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    1*1440p + 1*1080p
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    Kraken X61
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    Corsair vengeance K70
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    G502 Proteus Core
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    Sennheiser HD 598
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    Windows 7
  1. It is WS, i.e. Workstation.So this exists in the prosumer space, between gamer and professional.
  2. Look at the way they responded, they're sending out free thermal pads to all their customers if they want one. Why do you hate EVGA so much?
  3. The controller certainly isn't speed limiting on purpose, its just not capable of higher speeds, this is almost certainly due to cost. Samsung's 950 Pro uses Samsung's custom silicon, they designed their controller using completely new technologies, this is expensive. This intel drive is certainly no slouch, its still faster than any SATA SSD on the market, which is more than enough for most people, and most laptops, of course the high end laptop and desktop users will opt for a faster solution. This product is for the masses, not the enthusiasts, and the masses are a much larger market segmen
  4. Look at the pricing, these aren't meant to compete with the 950 pro, not to mention, for consumers reads are much more important than writes, and its still faster than any SATA SSD's you can buy. For a laptop or mid-high end desktop this SSD. Those aren't "pathetic" speeds, they just aren't earth shattering
  5. Yeah, easy.... I know all my friends would do that to me just so they could see my text messages.
  6. Its not a gaming GPU!!! We don't need all this discussion about it being better or worse than a 380/390, they're in completely different product segments.
  7. This article has been taken way out of context. They want to join and manipulate CubeSat's. Which are in very close orbits to each other, using magnets in each of them. There is no giant magnet on earth that will be used to manipulate the satellites. The current most powerful magnet on Earth is in the "Maglab" in the US, when turned on its effect can't be measured a kilometer away. Magnetic fields follow an inverse square law, this simply states that if you are twice as far away from a magnet, its effect is 1/4, three times as far, 1/9.
  8. The reason they have eight antennas, is due to the fact, if there is weak wifi coverage in a part of your house, it can flip upside down and scuttle over there
  9. Because HGST is an enterprise class drive, designed for 24/7 use in a large array, there is a price premium for these drives and naturally their failure rate is lower
  10. The spacing IMO is perfect, allows dual GPU's to actually breath plus you can throw a 1x card in the top and a pcie ssd in the bottom, personally i think they nailed the layout
  11. No, for the last few generations intel has been iterating with an average performance increase of 8% per generation, nothing groundbreaking...
  12. That would make a lot of sense.
  13. I've had my nexus 5 for 2 years now, however whilst looking on the traffic monitor on my router i noticed something, my phone was constantly, indefinitely, uploading data at around 317KB/s (Bytes, not bits) to put that into perspective thats around the amount of bandwidth that a 480p youtube video uses. This amount of data not normal, google services doesn't use anything like this amount of data, i'm wondering if anyone knows of such an issue, has had this issue in the past, knows how to fix it etc. I have other android devices only upload data periodically and in small bunchs, far fa
  14. why are there red accents if its RGB, who would want all that RGB and then ruin it with some obtrusive red plastic