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  1. " Seems to me like Civ 6 is going for a completely new Art Style. " how can this be obvious from that sentence? you stressed "completely new" this implies that its new to civ and not just "completely new"? well, suppose my interpretation skills are not the best but I did not get "new to civ" from "completely new" thats why I added "different". its the internet. leaving things open to interpretation isn't the best of ideas, imo.
  2. the art style is not new. is it new to civ? maybe.. but the art style is not new. "hey check out this TV show, its new!" "um no, I watched this same show a while back" "well, its new to me.. so its new" oke. @suicidalfranco Doesn't have to be "near perfect realism" that is extreme. but it also shouldn't be at the other end of the spectrum. because that is also extreme. there is balance that can be met. I thought Civ 5 met it. of course it suffers from technical issues due to this, but my hope was civ 6 would address those issues without killing the
  3. FTFY* how can art be objectively superior? or you mean technically superior?
  4. it can look better. much better. there is no texture on that grass. CIV 5: Civ 6: see the difference? its ok though, I'm assuming this isn't the final build. and of course, mods are a thing. so I don't mind. but saying visuals dont make a difference isn't true. it adds another level of immersion.
  5. "I don't care. ipso facto, you shouldn't" "You will not do anything about it, so do not speak of it"
  6. that is unfortunate. the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
  7. prevent = keep something from happening. ok. since this is about preventing we should look at the amount of data they collect vs the amount of arrests made. if it takes collecting all of the meta data of a country to arrest 10 people in 2 years, is it worth it? data centers are expensive. payroll is expensive. I think our resource are better spent elsewhere. I know a lot of people suffer at the hands of extremists. I'm not saying "ignore that shit, work on something else" I'm saying the current idea to "prevent" the issue is not efficient; it's wasteful.
  8. they wouldn't ask permission, so they wouldn't knock on your door. the analogy you are looking for is: "comes in through your kitchen door, snoops about then exits." this is not ok. you seem to think it is. if they asked, thats one thing. if they do not, that is another. ask me, if i say yes (warrantless) proceed. if I say no? well maybe I have something to hide, so.. get a warrant? why is that so difficult? because you can't stop crime BEFORE it happens? thats crazy talk, stopping crime BEFORE it happens? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?! or have we discovered magic?
  9. maybe they will make this a platform for sucking money from you. like every other game is trying to be. they don't release complete games anymore, they release "platforms" to suck money from you. 'Infinite warfare" sounds like a platform to me.
  10. oh, so they finally got it right? lets see how it plays out.
  11. fuckin' hell man. why bring it to the tech forums? this topic wasn't about Jim Sterlings credibility, was it? it was/is about Youtube's ContentID system. so he was the one that found the bottleneck, I fail to see how that invalidates his findings. or how his credibility comes into this equation. do you? maybe you just can't get it up unless you do this sort of stuff first? no judgement, just curious.
  12. that's irrational. like a phobia. "I stay away from all dogs, because I can't tell which is about to attack" -- irrational fear.
  13. it still is. its just major publishers (not even all of them) pushing shit ports and shit platforms. OT: " The update will likely be in 3 to 6 weeks. " this is enough time for people to forget about this game. shot right in the foot. goddamn. why ship a game on a platform that is clearly inferior to everything else? (UWP) great launch microsoft, did not disappoint; exactly what I expected.