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  1. Hi guys, as the subject says, I'm looking to add a switch to my network and am in need of some advice I have a pretty rudimentary home network currently, running off of a Netgear JNR3210 which is fed by my Motorola SB6141. Both of these are in my family room, along with my TV and home theater etc. On top of wifi connected devices, I also have the following hard wired - my desktop, one TV, PS4, and my Qnap NAS. I recently bought a Steam link, and this brought the need for one more ethernet port, which is what led me to begin looking at switches. I am trying to get the mo
  2. Good point, I actually did that for the desktop I just built prior to the build and installing the OS, that way once I was up an running I already had the drivers I needed on a USB ready to go. Yeah HP, but they're both low end, one is like a 250 G2 and I'm not real sure on the other. In your opinion though the process should be ok, upgrading then installing ssd and then doing clean Windows 10 install?
  3. Good point, I actually did that for the desktop I just built prior to the build and installing the OS, that way once I was up an running I already had the drivers I needed on a USB ready to go.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, I did not mention in my initial post that I do indeed plan to do the upgrade from 7/8 to 10 first, then do a clean install onto the ssd. This is based on previously reading that the windows key is tied to the system itself (mobo) versus the hard drive. Again, thanks, it sounds like my thought process was correct, just a matter of backing up everything, running the upgrade on each, then putting in the ssd and doing clean Windows 10 install
  5. Hey guys, so this isn't really troubleshooting as much as advice on an upgrade, did not see a better topic to post under though. I am getting ready to upgrade to two factory HP laptops to Windows 10 from 7 on one laptop and from 8 on another. My game plan is to backup individual folders/files that I want to keep, and then basically make a list of programs and drivers for each. I actually took a screen shot of device manager in case I need to look back and reference a particular piece of hardware that was pre-installed. One of the laptops, maybe both, will be getting a SSD after I'v
  6. I just completed my first build, which includes a a i5-6600k, Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 mobo, and no gpu yet (using integrated Intel graphics for now). I am using a Dell E2414Ht monitor connected via dvi-d. This monitor has been used by my wife in a dual monitor setup using a dock with her work laptop wen working at home. I currently am also using a wireless logitech keyboard and mouse setup, with a USB dongle. So, ever since first posting my build, I have been having an issue with the display going black for a few seconds then coming back on. Obviously this is frustrating in any usag
  7. I may upgrade my monitor at some point, although probably not for a while (say a year maybe). As for DirectX12 games, that's yet to be determined as games are released etc. Yeah, the power hungry aspect is what makes me nervous about the R9. I have a 550g2 for my psu and I'm not looking to have to upgrade it right away. At this point I may just wait a couple of months to see what new cards come out. From things I've been reading there's speculation that they are going to be more efficient, but obviously we won't know that until closer to or at release.
  8. What do you mean by higher bins? (sorry, new to the technical aspects of the pc world) Is there any easy way to identify binned chips?
  9. Another question would be should I just wait? Just deal with the Intel 530 graphics (not sure what I'd really be able to play, but...) and see what prices are like when next gen cards get released in the coming months?
  10. Yeah no squabbling in my thread :-P Even a 550 psu?
  11. Even with overclocking cpu and gpu? I want some head space, not be pushing the limits of anything
  12. Both. Yeah, the 390s are comparable, depending on the card. Some are higher, and some of the lower end cards are less. When spending that much I'm ok with paying for quality. Frankly the performance of the 390 on some benchmarks is slightly higher but not substantial, while requiring more power. I should have bought a higher wattage psu, but honestly I got a good deal on a 550 G2, and when I first started into this build anticipated going with a sub $200 card.
  13. Looking too buy a gpu for my first build, I've pretty well decided on 970 GTX for efficiency and budget reasons. Two I'm currently looking at, on sale at Newegg are: GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 970 4GB G1 GAMING OC EDITION http://m.newegg.com/Product/index?itemnumber=N82E168141... EVGA GeForce GTX 970 04G-P4-3975-KR 4GB SSC GAMING w/ACX 2.0+ http://m.newegg.com/Product/index?itemnumber=N82E168144... Both are right about $300, which is honestly the most I want to spend on a gpu. The EVGA comes with Division game code, which is neither here nor there, frankly I would possibly sell the code.
  14. I had looked at several fan controller options including this and the phanteks hub. I'm leaning towards just utilizing mobo fan control via pwm. Does the grid allow manual and auto fan control?