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  1. Processor: 5800x Cooler: NZXT x52 240mm aio Single core boost: 4.840Ghz Single core Cinebench R20 score:N/A All core boost: 4.624 (with curve optimizer at -30, it did 4.750, with peak temp at 78c, but it wasn't completely stable) All core Cinebench R20 score: 6122 All core peak wattage: N/A Single core peak wattage: N/A Highest reported temperature: 84c
  2. Have had my 5800x for 3 days now, cooled by a 240mm aio. Have got my temps down to high 30’s low 40’s on idle and high 70’s low 80’s during a cinebench run. This was made possible via the curve optimizer under pbo, by setting the stacks or what ever they are to -25 on all cores. also tried -30 on all cores which results in even lower temps and higher all core boost clocks (4.75 ghz sustained during cinebench) but the pc is unstable at idle (1-2 crashes during 5-6 hours) no problems during load thought.
  3. @rice guru, @Tigerleon, have gotten my soundblaster g6 and the dt 990's and they are fantastic. Thank you very much for the recommendations!
  4. Thanks for the comment on the 990's. Been off the deep-end on reading about headphones for a day and had a follow-up question. What would be the alternatives to the 990 pro's in Europe and is there any plausible rational to have more than 1 set of headphones? On the alternative options, lets up to budget to 200 - 250 eur for the headphones alone. The 990 pro's were only 115 eur.
  5. Thanks! just ordered the suggested combo.
  6. Hey, I'm looking for a replacement for my current steelseries arctis 3's. Would like the headphones to sound great and have decent surround sound for gaming. Mic quality is not important as I've got a standalone mic. Budget is up to ~350 eur, if they are worth the sound. Main use is listening to music while working and gaming in the evening. Also they need to not look wierd :). I know nothing about headphones so appreciate any assistance on this.
  7. what about a 5800x or 5900x? I realize that I do not need them, but I mean, I was thinking of also building a custom loop and it seems like a waste to do it with a 5600x
  8. A broken B350 gaming by gigabyte mobo that is fueling my wish to upgrade. The primary bios chip is toast and it will not support any overclock on anything. Ill most likely get some x570 because I want something pretty and something reliable.
  9. Thanks, both opinions are very valuable. It's not so much a question of needing an upgrade due to low performance, and more of a I wanna spend a few hours building at least a part of a pc once my x-mas holiday starts. But just to double check, the 1080ti wont become a problem on 1440p on a 144hz screen either on those games? The context is that the mental upgrade I wanna see is around the 40% increased frames mark. That mark is more than possible with the CPU alone, but the question I have is whether the gpu will just drag the frames down again.
  10. indeed, I slipped and pressed enter :). Should be fixed now.
  11. Budget (including currency): EUR Country: Europe Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: GTA 5, WOW, some other random games Hey, wanted to get a sanity check from you guys on the forum on a potential new upgrade. Current pc is a 1600x combined with a 1080ti. Was thinking of initially upgrading the cpu to a 5600x or higher but wanted to double check whether the 1080ti would result in a massive bottleneck or not.
  12. I'll start by saying that I'm not an expert on this by any means, but I do have 2 ryzen cpus and have lurked on these forums for a good while. From what I understand, the boost clock is advertised as 'up to', meaning that it's not advertised as a 4.5 ghz all core boost, but an up to 4.5 ghz core boost. Further, as noted above, Ryzen is temperature sensitive and you've indicated that yours idles at 50-60C. With your cooler, that is not normal and very likely prevents your cpu from boosting properly. Perhaps your cooler doesn't make proper contact with the cpu and needs to be reinsta
  13. Hei, I'm, somewhat lost on what is wrong with my pc. It may be the PSU but may also be the mobo or something else. However, I figured that since you guys basically seem to have magic balls which tell you the answers to all problems, i figured I might give it go . System: - ryzen 1600x, - paired with 16gb of 3000mhz corsair ram - paired with a strix 1080ti; - sitting inside a gigabyte b350 gaming 3. - powered by a corsair RM650w gold plus psu. - All of that is running a 1440p 144hz monitor. Background - (not all of it may be relevant, but things se
  14. Ty, however I may have gotten impatient and decided to just paint the besel if she wants it white. Got her this: aoc agon ag271qx. Ended up being Euros 471 with shipping (which was 68 euros by itself).