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  • Birthday September 12

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    US Minnesota
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    the three C's. Cars, Computers, C***.
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    i like to play video games in my free time and to have them look and feel good as possible! its all about having fun.
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    i7-7700K 4.2
  • Motherboard
    Z270 MSI TomaHawk artic
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance RGB 16Gb 2x8
  • GPU
    asus geforce GTX 1060 6GB strix
  • Case
    Corsair 760T white
  • Storage
    a lot
  • PSU
    Corsair RMx white 750W
  • Display(s)
    MSI optix G27c4
  • Cooling
    H150i PRO RBG baby
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70 Mk.2
  • Mouse
    Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB
  • Sound
    HyperX clouds 2 baby ( got 3 )
  • Operating System
    windows 10
  • Laptop
    i got a few

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  1. Well i hadn't thought of that. i just did that and it only cleared 8.5 gbs of my main drive.
  2. darbstew

    Out of space!

    my OS drive is a 250gb SSD. i knew when i bought it that i was already sealing my fate. but what could i have done at the time i was broke. Anyways. im out of space. and since it was an SSD at the time i only had league installed on it so i could flame others about their slow "toasters" since then ive deleted that and well over 30gbs of videos and it never frees up the equal space. literally 2 days ago i managed to delete 5 gbs of random stuff i didn't need on this drive and today i have 325mb of 231 free. and i haven't downloaded anything on to it. all my launchers are on other drives a
  3. I have another thing to try again tonight. Once I get home from work. I found out a lot of PC users have problems with warzone and I found a video with solutions to that. So once I try it will post another update.
  4. I didn’t see any jumps that would really show that. But I was looking around and found this, as I have fought warzone tooth and nail trying to get it the best it can run CONSISTENTLY. But he talks about a program that can help you Diag the issue.
  5. Well I’m stumped. I wonder if it’s a BIOS problem then. I don’t see your current version on the driver list for that MOBO. From what I’ve read if it’s not there then it’s probably a good idea to update. But I’m not well educated in BIOS to give you that answer.
  6. he is using after burner, the temps are in the videos he linked. the second video really makes me inclined to believe its a mouse problem. what mouse do you have? and did you make sure you checked those drivers as well? are you able to try another mouse?
  7. is the surface your mouse is on clean and a good one? and is your lens for your mouse clean as well? i was having a similar problem, i originally just used my desk-top as a "mouse pad" because i really loved how it felt. but i started to get some problems. i first started with using Corsairs "surface calibration" and that helped a little bit. but then i went out and bought a real mouse pad, repeated the calibration and my problems went away.
  8. also i forgot. i can no longer see my Corsair H150i Pro on ICue, not to mess with the RGB but i wanted to see what speeds and temps ICue was saying theyre running at. and most of the people that i read on forums, a Bios flash helped them.
  9. I've been having really high usage on my CPU recently, so i wanted to get to the bottom of it so i assumed to start with making sure everything is up to date.
  10. thats what i figured. im a better safe than sorry guy anyways.
  11. and another question on top of that, when i go to update the BIOS Via flash drive, does that drive have to be empty? or is it able to pull just that file from a flash drive with other files? lets say random songs/videos/pictures. because i dont have an empty flash sitting around, and im lazy.
  12. i watched some video about "things that are really handy to know when building a pc" or something like that and i realised ive built 5 computers and i have never updated BIOS and it never crossed my mind...oops. weird thing. is that i cant find this version on their website. is it safe to assume this version is Pre 12/15/16? https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/Z270-TOMAHAWK#down-bios
  13. Are you talking about warzone? If you are make sure the game ready drivers are up to date
  14. So, once i got home from work i tried something a friend suggested. he said to try streaming to Twitch to see if that made a difference. and it did. i was getting no shuddering like i was before. i kept my settings the same, however my CPU usage was still up there. it got up to 90% and warzone being a large chunk of it. i have my settings at 1080p settings at 60 FPS. what is causing this problem while trying to stream to facebook? and how can i fix this CPU problem of mine?
  15. I connect my Rebel T6 with the Cannon software. the EOS utility, i do the "live shooting" and then use OBS to capture that window. i am currently not using the elgato. I was wondering if i used the Elgato would it help with reducing CPU load