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    Gigabyte z97 gaming 7
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    16 gigs gskill
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    Asus strix gtx 970
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    2x kingston v300 ssds raid 1 + 1tb wd black
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    EVGA 750P2
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    Asus VG248qe
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    Corsair K70 rapidfire
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    Razer deathadder
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    Corsair Void Pro Wireless
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    Windows 10

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  1. Just make sure that that monitor supports HDMI 1.3, because you can't do 144hz on HDMI 1.2
  2. Every CPU is different when it comes to overclocking, so there really isn't a standard of how far you can overclock or how much you can overclock your CPU. You can probably still get a nice overclock either way though.
  3. does your pc just shut off or do you get the windows restarting screen/animation?
  4. No, your motherboard only matters when you are changing out the RAM or the CPU. The memory that is on your graphics card doesn't have anything to do with what motherboard you buy. On a side note, are you buying that 750 new? Or used?
  5. Yes that is normal. I had the RM750 for 2 years before I got a 750P2, and it had the same coil whine. You shouldn't have any issues aside from said above, it being annoying.
  6. Same thing happened to me lol. Worst part is, I was playing PUBG in the top 10 when windows decided it was a good time to restart.
  7. I would highly consider getting a 144hz monitor then. I mainly play FPS games and 144hz is a huge boost for improving.
  8. what kind of games do you plan on playing? If you're mainly going to play FPS you should diffidently get a 144hz monitor.
  9. yeah that's fine as long as you have the clearance with your case and gpu
  10. Its a good build, but you could probably build one yourself for cheaper.