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  1. Built a LAN PC last August running an i3 4160 alongside a GTX 960. #PoorCollegeStudent I'm currently looking at getting a GTX 1060, because, well, #PoorCollegeStudent but I *might* go team red...or at least a friend with a crappy PC can game with me on a modern GPU-equipped desktop. ULTIMATE RED VERSUS GREEN!!
  2. So yeah, that all being said, it seems I have this to take away: With a single GPU, generational differences aren't too big of an issue However, there is a lack of other features that might be useful Also, it comes to price: a 2600k at half the price of a newer CPU would be worth it But, given that prices are kinda weird (new 2600k's go for $400 on amazon...) saving up for a new i7 or Xeon would make sense So, for everyone who participated, thanks for helping me out on this. I'll have to keep an eye on prices of old/new CPUs and look into more detail as to which n
  3. Yeah, this would destroy my i3 4160, for sure. Here's my amazon link, btw (http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B004FA8NOQ/ref=olp_f_primeEligible?ie=UTF8&f_used=true&f_usedAcceptable=true&f_usedGood=true&f_usedLikeNew=true&f_usedVeryGood=true) So yeah, thanks for letting me know. I recently built a LAN box, so I'll keep an eye on the used prices for the 2600k. Is there a specific Haswell/Skylake CPU you'd recommend? Also, I'm not sure as to what you mean by "your area" so could you please rephrase that bit? Thanks, man!
  4. So, in terms of performance, I was wondering if any new processors could be a better value than a used i7 2600k (around 200USD). I don't necessarily care about a specific socket or anything. Is it worth buying used here, or is there a newer (haswell to skylake) CPU that is worth buying new?