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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Jayhawk2024 in I got a "Upgrade" but it doesn't feel like one   
    So my old in my old PC I had a AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor 16 GB of Ram and one GTX1070ti.
    My new PC has a Intel i5-9400F 6 core 2.91 GHz with 64 gb of ram and two GTX 1070ti...
    So a game I play a lot is Sea of Thieves and when I would stream it I would get 100+ FPS and only 50% CPU usage...
    Now when I play almost any game its maxed out at 100% and I stutter down to 70fps a lot and even low 40's... While my GPU Usage is all the way down at 30-40%
    Is my "new" CPU bottle-necking my performance even more now?
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Lord Vile in Epicgames   
    Wouldn’t buy it on epic tbh I’d wait for the steam sale or get it on gog
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to kelvinhall05 in [help] choosing mic for voice chat and podcasting   
    I can't find them for under $70, much less for $20.
    I understand you can get better sound quality for $40. But you'd be lucky to not get a used mic for that little. Trust me, I looked extensively, and if I just wanted a plug-and-play solution, the Neweer was the best full setup for $40.
  4. Funny
    JabroniBaloney reacted to kelvinhall05 in [help] choosing mic for voice chat and podcasting   
    Considering I paid under 40 CAD (new and not on sale or anything) and I got a decent mic, decent stand, decent...well, decent everything.
    They don't SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK a lot, they are fine for most people.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to AshRiver in Light bleeding on display   
    It is normal for IPS to have light bleed/IPS glow.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to james_bond in I want to understand what Virtual surround is   
    You specifically mentioned headphones. So it works only with headphones ?
    It doesn't work with stereo speakers ?
    Can you tell me which software player can do this ?
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to manikyath in I want to understand what Virtual surround is   
    you have two ears, so you need two speakers. that's the concept behind virtual surround.
    in essence, it attempts to create the effect of being surrounded by speakers, by applying small effects to the two speakers of a normal pair of headphones.
    in my opinion it's a "fun" effect, but if it's not generated by the actual source (for example, a game) it doesnt necessarily add to the experience.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to gloop in Why Epic, Why?   
    It’s CDPR that chooses the prices I think. 

    it’s also on steam for 1c more
    iirc, there was a news story about a week ago where they deliberately lowered the price so the sale didn’t count. 
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Ashley xD in Why Epic, Why?   
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to minibois in Why Epic, Why?   
    CDProject Red changed their price, allegedly.
    Which does make sense, I don't see why CDPR wants to make less money because Epic gave a coupon to users.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to taylor583 in Heard HDMI is baaaaaaaaaad, what should I connect my monitor to pc with?   
    What's the best and did I hear correctly that using a HDMI  cable to connect my monitor to my PC is bad?
    I'm saving up for a pc and monitor for gaming, right now I only have a laptop so I'm not too educated on the nitty gritty stuff like this please don't roast me lol
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to ketchupspill in what comes with a monitor?   
    Wait what do you mean HDMI/DP optional, do you pick or do both or what?...
    sorry I’m just really stressed cuz I don’t wanna mess this up.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Darkseth in Cpu bottleneck !!!   
    You should buy at least a Ryzen 5 3600. Perod. (if at least 50-60 bucks cheaper, a Ryzen 5 2600(X) is also okay, but i would prefer 3000 series).
    Let it be 30-50 bucks more, but they will be WORTH it.
    It was NEVER worth buying a CPU without Hyperthreading/SMT. Not 10 years ago with the first Intel Core i5 generation, not today.
    Literaly, everyone who bought an i5 for Gaming from 2010 to 2018~, turned out to be a Mistake not going for the i7 in the long run.
    It WILL be the same here. Years passing, and more modern Games coming (now that new Console Generation are coming, with new generation Games), missing out on SMT will hurt you in the end, and cause you to update earlier - AGAIN.
    What's the Price difference between the 3500X and the 3600?
    The 3600 is really cheap enough. Get that, be happy for years, and that's it ^^
  14. Funny
    JabroniBaloney reacted to Didarul Hossain Rafi in Cpu bottleneck !!!   
    I paired my ryzen 3 1200 with GTX 1660, 16GB ram 2400mhz. 
    Most of the time my gpu only use 50-60% while cpu used 100% (50-54°) 
    I wanted to wait for ryzen 4 gen till Dec'20 but this bottleneck is killing me ! 
    Any recommendation ? 
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Abhinavp in is it even safe to install gta 5 for free?   
    this game costs 50 usd where i live. how can this epic game store sell it for free?! how is it even possible. are they trying to steal some of our data or just trying that everybody installs there game store (to compete with steam)... 
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to lexusgamer05 in Where's the download for Valorant?   
    I hate companies that region lock shit
  17. Funny
    JabroniBaloney reacted to lexusgamer05 in Where's the download for Valorant?   
    I know, but the YouTube videos show the page I'm on with a sign up link.
  18. Funny
    JabroniBaloney reacted to Derek_Z in retaliative permanent ban on PUBG for critizing false detection on disallowed software (vmware, which I do not have, if it wasn't clear enough)   
    all i really want is to raise the awareness of the issue in the community and pubg management, and would be nice for everyone to push them to the right direction of being responsible
    the truth is, that I did not violate any of the rule and still get banned, just for pointing out a bug in their detection system. 
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  20. Funny
    JabroniBaloney reacted to danomicar in Is Red Dead Redemption 2 any good?   
    Yes, it's a masterpiece. 
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Derek_Z in retaliative permanent ban on PUBG for critizing false detection on disallowed software (vmware, which I do not have, if it wasn't clear enough)   
    first of all, I can swear on my life every word I say is based on fact and the best of my knowledge, I never, ever used any cheats, micro of any sort, on any game, ever. (probably except for when I was about 10 playing red alert2 single player) 
    It all started on April 23 2020, where I was kicked off in the middle of a game while playing with a mate, claiming: BattleEye: Disallowed Program [VMware]. Now, as a computer enthusiast, I know about vmware, and its many use cases, however, I have never heard of it being used for cheating. However, the strange part is, I DO NOT have it installed on my computer, or any computer on my network.

    I uninstalled any software on my computer that not absolutely needed (among others, there were some software for my old windows phone drivers that I tried to unlock bootloader and do some experiements on a few weeks back), removed any virtual network adapter (comes with stock windows) and none helped. nothing helped. Eventually I decided to download the latest version of windows and do a fresh install, and it still happened. 
    As a responsive human being that really enjoy having fun with friends playing this game, I did everything I can think of that might be able help with the situation and pin down the cause, I made a list of all the running processes, all the services I have on the computer, and all the installed programs with their version numbers. 

    Sorry if I sound a little frustrated in the post, cuz I really was. I was playing squad and got kicked off in the middle for no reason. How can one not be?
    a few days went by, people starting to reply that they had a similar experience, someone asked if I had hyper-v, then I replied with a screenshot that indicates that I do not have hyper-v, docker, also uninstalled WSL which I actually needed. I even ran a command in powershell to remove the whole hyper-v (Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Hyper-V-All) that also didn't help at all. 

    after many discussion on how pubg falsely detects vmware, even on a fresh install, a staff member came in replying (which he later deleted):

    if you even just read the title, you'd know, THIS IS NOT ABOUT REMOVING VMWARE!!
    will you not be mad? is this the level of support we are expecting? if you are just replying based on keyword then even modern ai can do a much better job!
    later on, I quoted his reply with something goes like this:
    I do not have a screenshot nor do I remember the exact words because apparently he's intelligent enough to delete my reply as well. However, this is where I believe I crossed him. Later, he replied:

    I had my hesitation for a brief moment, but I'd never imagined that he would be so disgusting as to just ban me for pointing out a bug on their end (a little harshly I admit). So I replied with my id, if they could gather any data they may think helpful, I'd be happy to help. and now as i thought he's actually trying to do his job and trying to help, I already felt bad for being a bit rude earlier. 

    However, this is what happened. 


    I did a fresh install of the release version of windows, and first game in (where I had one kill, which is more kill than most of my game), without any inspection, warning, I was banned, permanently. 
    (the reason I was on insider build is, as I mentioned, I need to access WSL(2, for better performance), and that I'm a developer and the release version of windows doesn't recognize the new line break symbol from linux/unix machine)
    I'm not even a remotely skilled player, I'm just occasionally playing with friends for fun. I'm probably the one made up your kd, there are many many cheaters roaming around. just that day (my birthday if I may add), my whole squad was killed by some guy shooting AK, without a line of sight, shoulder sighting the sky. He's not even looking at our direction! (match link)

    video recorded by friend, I was the last person that killed in the clip.

    I play on a laptop from 2015, (if that's not frustrating enough), and my games were ruined countless times by cheaters, and since 2017 when I first started playing the game, I never felt so disappointed, frustrated and angry. For someone never cheated, I am now forever marked as a "cheater" and have a stain on my profile that will never wash away, Also, just a number on pubg's monthly report for banned cheaters? is that what's it for? 

    Being a custom support (or Assistant Community Coordinator in my case) does not mean that you can abuse your power, play god or just ban whoever you feel like. Is this the image PUBG want to build?? 
    Being a good citizen, I immediately contacted pubg support and issued a ticket:

    I will need an answer for this, or I'll do everything I can to defend my right, as a gamer, as a human. I will NOT allow this injustice to happen. everything is on the table, including legal actions. 
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to The_russian in HOW CAN WE STOP CHEATERS!?!   
    Anti-cheat software is already intrusive enough, the last thing we need is them to scan the whole network and decide something is bad. Take a loot at the valorant anti cheat, unless it got fixed recently it is blocking totally benign software like RGB controllers. If you have an anti-cheat program that scans the network and somehow blocks the traffic that it doesn't like, that is just asking for major headaches.
  24. Funny
    JabroniBaloney reacted to diabloinfinnity in HOW CAN WE STOP CHEATERS!?!   
    so ive just seen this video of these escape from tarkov hacks that arnt even run off your pc or in a VM so they cnt be detected by anti cheat.
    is there anything that could be done at all?!?! or are we going to see this spill over into other games, maybe it already has i dont know. 
    couldnt you install anticheat onto maybe the home networks router?
    hmmm any thoughts?
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Volbet in Schiit DAC/amp With Yeti Mic   
    The Yeti Nano is a USB microphone, so that wouldn't make sense. The Hel only accept a 3.5mm microphone.