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    JabroniBaloney reacted to chunkymunky0 in Proving to my Mom that online gaming won’t get me hacked   
    Here’s my problem, I play rocket league on my pc and my mom recently realized that I play with random people online. She then decided to ban me from gaming online because she said that I will get hacked from interacting with others I don’t know. Can you guys please help me with reasons why I won’t get hacked so that I can convince my mom to let me play online again? I’ve given her a few reasons already but she is very stubborn. I’ve told her that Rocket league is a very big game and my information won’t be leaked in any way, and how I never put personal information online. She then said that big companies are getting hacked all of the time to which I said that rocket league hasn’t been hacked before. She said that there’s always a first for everything. Please help me guys, rocket league solo against bots is very boring.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Tigerleon in Budget SoundCard Suggestions?   
    It is literally impossible to hear a difference between a pretty good onboard soundcard and an external solution. Maybe a cheap soundcard is bad but more expensive ones are good. If you are talking about the EMI on onboard sound cards. It is impossible to hear with newer soundcards since they got shielding for it. I mean if we are talking about 100$ or less then maybe you will hear a difference. Yes you will be against me and say that the external solutions will be better and that could be with the DAC quality overall.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Eryyie in My 144hz ain't working.   
    Getting scammed out here. 
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to SupaKomputa in My 144hz ain't working.   
    said on the tin, it's single link dvi 

    You're not scammed, you just bought the wrong thing.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to William Meidling in Steam Downloads on a 56k Modem   
    So, I was talking with my girlfriend, and she told me to create an account on this forum because I thought of an odd idea. What would it be like to play Steam on a 56k modem? I know it would be difficult to do, but imagine a modern gaming rig with a 56k modem... XD

    William Meidling
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Epic Games store minimum requirements   
    What cpu?
    I think some of those won't run some game due to missing instructions, but might aswell try it, its a free game.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to centurion_08 in Your thoughts on C&C Remastered   
    A quick cashgrab from a greedy publisher, fuck'em. They should've give us Generals 2 (proper, not pay to win fucking trash) Red Alert 4, CnC 4 or anything else.
    Not remaster of a 24 year old game.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Cs342 in Any Valorant players here? Do you know what this program is and why it's being blocked by Vanguard?   
    that's a ton of effort to just play a simple game. Honestly they should just get rid of Vanguard like Doom Eternal got rid of Denuvo.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Arika S in Any Valorant players here? Do you know what this program is and why it's being blocked by Vanguard?   
    because Vanguard way oversteps the bounds of what an anti cheat program should do
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to CorruptedBloby_Owen in How to make music sound better.   
    Hey, I was wondering if there was software or hardware that could enhance my music playback and make it sound amazing. I use an Arctis 7 if thats important.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Tigerleon in Headphone detected as speakers and not detected by Realtek   
    This is just how it looks. There is no problem with them. Altough if you are only using a 3.5 mm to your front port it should use realtek drivers. There could be a thing inside of the headset. I am not sure though
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Stahlmann in RDR2 playability   
    As long as you're playing at 1080p you should be fine for over 60 fps. But like @Mateyyy said your CPU could be another limiting factor here. I've seen some weird stuttering issues with non-hyperthreading CPUs from Intel in this game.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to cedge206 in RDR2 playability   
    Hey. Just looking for an insight into red dead redemption 2 on pc. Been wanting to get it but not too sure if i can run it smoothly with medium to high settings. I got the game on release day and i just couldnt play 5 mins on low settings even menu was messed up. So got refund straight away and decided to wait for fixes. But now i want to get it again but wanted to see if other people with same specs as me or close was able to run without issue.
    cpu:i5 7600K
    GPU: 2070 super
    RAM: 32gb
    M.2 ssd
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Ty34er in Don't want to use USB, does an adapter exist?   
    Hello all,
    I recently purchased a used ASUS MB168B portable USB monitor. I was considering using it as a permanent monitor for my system, but I didn't want to use up a USB port for it. (I'm aware this defeats the purpose of a portable monitor, just work with me here please.)
    Now, this monitor is powered by a type B micro USB 3.0 to type A USB 3.0 port. (I don't think it's called 3.0 anymore, but you know, the weird micro usb with extra bit Samsung used for a while to standard USB 3.0 with the blue connector.)
    Is there an adapter that goes from micro B 3.0 to something like HDMI (most likely with USB for power)? I found 1 cable that seems like it was made for an old Samsung Note phone to plug into a TV, but I didn't think that would work since the micro B was plugged into the source not the output.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to WereCatf in Don't want to use USB, does an adapter exist?   
    You shouldn't have purchased the monitor, then. USB is USB: if the display's input is a USB-port, it'll require you to use USB. There is no adapter that can convert video-output into a USB-signal.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Kawaii Koneko in I think GTA 6 delay mean that gta 6 will have ray tracing included   
    What delay? Pretty much everything we have heard up to this point has been speculation. How can something have been delayed when RS hasn't even confirmed the game is in development?

    Correct me if I'm missing something here...
  17. Funny
    JabroniBaloney reacted to Moro59 in I think GTA 6 delay mean that gta 6 will have ray tracing included   
    I think rockstar will get use of the new technology Nvidia built into its Turing graphics cards it will use ray tracing in it the game I think will have stunning graphics on high settings but they will need the minimum graphics to meet most people so it would fit many people  don't you agree?
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Dujith in XLR Mic too quiet with Audio interface unless I'm 5cm from mic   
    Keep in mind that some mics are just designed that way. To only pickup very close audio and ignore everything around you.
    I think jaze2cents had a video about just that.
  19. Funny
    JabroniBaloney reacted to Gustavo Dutra in Game Graphics looks so bad now after i have played red dead 2   
    I do enjoy quite a lot the visual aesthetics of  games.

    After i played the new cowboy game, the other games i used to play looks way bad visually.

    Of course i'm playing some older games compared to red dead 2. BUT i feel like when playing far from my monitor makes the games look a lot better. Not just sharpening but the textures as well.
    Since i can't play like 2 meters from my monitor everyday, i would like to know. Is it possible to recreate this "effect" from playing far from the tv ? Like playing in 4k would be the same as 2 meters away ?
  20. Funny
    JabroniBaloney reacted to Ailkep in FPS Boosts from people like dety0 and CutTweeks   
    dety0 and CutTweeks claim to be able to increse your fps via a couple of software changes
    My question is 

    What do they do exactly and does it help or is it just a big scam?
    links to both of they´r twitter
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to wall03 in yeah i have intel graphics... on cities:skylines   
    I have tried it like 5 times
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to GoodEnough in Pc under performing   
    rx 580 overclocked to 1500 should barely get 60 fps on average on fortnite max graphics
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to 5x5 in OMG can someone provide a rationale for this???   
    China doesn't optimize software, China floods your drive with uncompressed texture maps, sound files and cutscenes
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to LjjlijJ in OMG can someone provide a rationale for this???   
    Why does fortnite require 80+ GB of disk space???
    Isn't there just the one map???
    Witcher 3 requires ~50GB and MHWI require only ~47GB! Why 82GB for a single map game???
    I can't wrap my head around this!

  25. Agree
    JabroniBaloney reacted to JZStudios in Epicgames   
    More like minority shareholder. Do you play COD or LOL?
    In other terms, I got TW3 free with my GPU, and shortly after CDPR on GOG had a promo for something like $20-25 for both DLC expansions and the previous 2 titles. If you're a fan of RPGs, it's honestly worth full price, and I don't ever buy games full price. I don't even pay full price for games I love. And yeah, Blood And Wine could easily be a $40-60 full title and I wouldn't bat an eyelash.