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    JabroniBaloney got a reaction from Anas Dweik in no optical audio port in my new motherboard   
    Do better research before buying next time.
  2. Agree
    JabroniBaloney reacted to Aimi in valorant won't work   
    I'd say it's better off this way, but anyway... Do you have a firewall blocking the connection, maybe?
  3. Funny
    JabroniBaloney reacted to shaneh890 in Fallout 76   
    I’m wanting to get fallout 76 but not sure if I should get it for console (Xbox one) or pc. I played other fallouts all on Xbox but I’m new to pc gaming. Any one know which route I should go?
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Behroon in Steam Takes Forever to Reserve Space! [Help]   
    Hello y'all I tried searching for solution but I can not find one for my situation. So I have 3 drives and all of games on them. One is a Gen 4 NVMe SSD (500GB), the second is a 1TB Samsung 860 EVO SSD, and the third is a 2TB Firecuda SSHD. I have no issues with both SSDs however when I try to download games through Steam with my SSHD it takes as long as it does to download an 80GB game. I do it overnight so I don't have to bare it. As far as I can tell it doesn't happen 100% of the time but pretty frequently. Another side note is I did have a problem with the drive before. The SATA data cable doesn't click, talked to Seagate support and they wanted me to RMA the drive and I was going to because it didn't seem to work but I got it to work eventually and decided to not RMA the drive as it was a big hassle. Also my download speed is around 40-50 mbps if it's performing as it should. 
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to The Flying Sloth in Dac/amp with chat/game mix   
    I don't know of any DAC with game/chat mix.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Yashiees in How do you make a GTA RP Server?   
    Any videos on it?
  7. Agree
    JabroniBaloney reacted to BlueScope819 in The best dac for music for 100$ and has a mic female?   
    Your motherboard audio? It doesn't take much these days but I use a Blue Yeti because it's ofc a really good mic + it has a output jack
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to 5x5 in Can my pc run Watch dogs 2 ..????   
    Probably if your goal is 25 frames per second at 1080p
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Chris Pratt in I need help fast   
    You don't need anything other than the onboard audio, unless, you're an audio professional, as in you're actually mastering audio for a living, not just consider yourself an audiophile.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Tigerleon in Expensive 7.1 or Budget Open Backs   
    7.1 virtual surround sound implementation is just a marketing gimmick for gamers. That's how those companies earn money. Surround sound and rgb for literally double or even triple the money just because it says "gaming" in the name.
  11. Agree
    JabroniBaloney reacted to Stahlmann in Expensive 7.1 or Budget Open Backs   
    Personally i hate surround in headsets because it completely bricks the sound quality. Good stereo headsets/headphones will allow you to hear directions just as well.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to dizmo in PC Audio Setup   
    I wouldn't get Razer...pretty much anything.
    Look at something like a pair of Mackie monitors.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Tigerleon in Set up 7.1 Surround Sound with stereo headset   
    Why not try to use your headset without surround? Games nowadays got good enough audio you don't need virtual surround sound.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Edward78 in Star Citizen, OMG Charactor creation & setting menu font is so small?   
    Yes, still not released though.
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  16. Funny
    JabroniBaloney reacted to Joealex24 in Where is safe to download Wii games   
    ok karen...
    tbf they don't sell wii games anymore anyway so it doesn't effect nintendo.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Gohardgrandpa in Required hardware for running poorly optimized games   
    You forgot escape from tarkov. That game is a turd. 
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Samfisher in Required hardware for running poorly optimized games   
    Can't power through badly optimized game.  You may get slightly better frames, but you'll always overpay to get the performance you want, and somehow still not actually reach the performance you want.
  19. Agree
    JabroniBaloney reacted to gloop in Dark Souls 3 Bad PC Port? and keyboard and mouse prompts when starting the game.   
    This is Th e reason I stay away from things like r/pcmasterrace. 
    Bunch of 11year olds going on about how ‘PC is better’ and ‘consoles suck haha haha’. 
    Just let the person play their games on the damn place where they want to play them. 
  20. Agree
    JabroniBaloney reacted to Andreas Lilja in Dark Souls 3 Bad PC Port? and keyboard and mouse prompts when starting the game.   
    Why the f would you want to play with mouse and keyboard anyhow?
    That's like preferring to text using a flip phone.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to fpo in Dark Souls 3 Bad PC Port? and keyboard and mouse prompts when starting the game.   
    Are you looking for a solution or just want to rant? 
  22. Funny
    JabroniBaloney reacted to ImAlsoRan in Please help   
    If you want pure game performance, your i5 will barely get you by. You should upgrade your GPU first, to something like a 1660 Super (or you can splurge and snag a 2060), but after that, you'll want to swap out your CPU, which unfortunately if you want anything from within the past 6-7 years, you'll need to get a new motherboard, which will require new RAM (DDR4). I recommend going with a B550 board if you want upgradibility.
  23. Agree
    JabroniBaloney reacted to The Flying Sloth in XLR audio setup for under $200   
    Please don't buy that list it's not a smart way to spend that amount of money, besides, that scarlett interface likely doesn't have the gain required to power a dynamic mic well.
    Take a look at the link in my signature, it runs you through everything you need to know so you can make a smart choice on what gear to purchase.
  24. Agree
    JabroniBaloney reacted to Samfisher in Mic scissor arm   
    Owh I thought you had a full sized mic stand That looks really small tbh.  I'm not sure it has the surface area to balance a mic and arm without being weighed down with sandbags,
  25. Funny
    JabroniBaloney reacted to mister-nobody in steaming whit my pc   
    this is my computer now I have as an upgrade an i7 580k lichen with an x-99 ws / usb3.1 with 16 gb ram ligen
    I also have a gtx 960 2gb lichen instead of an rx 570 8gb which is better. and what can I do best (and can I score / stream a gamplay with how my system is now)