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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Bablin1901 in Audio   
    I just built a system and have a headset that has a mic/headphone combo port so it has only one output jack. I also have Bluetooth headphones but I do not have Bluetooth for my system. is there any way to use my headsets mic and headphone at the same time. I also have a raspberry pi so if i can use that has onboard Bluetooth so if there are anyways to use it as a Bluetooth adapter let me know. I do not want to spend any money if possible.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Bablin1901 in Audio   
    I do not want to spend any money if possible
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Aereldor in Horizon Zero Dawn - Great performance?   
    tbh I'm pretty happy with the image quality, running it on borderless so I didn't run into the weird downscaling-upscaling issue, and besides a couple stutters in that first bit in the rooms as a kid, it's run fine so far. I'm honestly astounded at a laptop 1060 doing this well at 1440p in a game that is known to be poorly optimized.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to recon_zero_ in The Horizon Zero Dawn port looks to be trash   
    I'm really disappointed
    Hopefully is a pandemic thing and this will be fixed
    Imagine a game wasting 21 gigs of ram
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to TekkyTG in In need of competitive gaming headphones that I'll be streaming with   
    Looks bad. Flipping up the microphone doesn't look right on stream, it makes things look out of place. That's why you rarely see "structured" streamers with a mic on the side of their headphones.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to The Flying Sloth in "Professional" sound development system?   
    I don't know about games but for studio recording the big test is the 's***ty car stereo test'. Doesn't matter how good the mix sounds on your expensive gear, if it doesn't sound good on a cheap, stock car stereo there's no point in releasing it because the vast majority of listeners (if it becomes popular) will be on cheap car stereos. 
    Game audio can be a little more interpretive so I wouldn't worry too much about it, so long as there's no clipping and you're using the Valve 3D audio system you should be all good.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to startrek03 in Amp and DAC combo recommendations   
    I'll probably get slaughtered by a lot of audiophiles here, but I don't really think an additional amp is necessary for the DT770s. Especially not for the 80 Ohms version.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to The Flying Sloth in I can’t find a place to buy this product   
    T.bone is the house brand of Thomann, you won't find it elsewhere.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to SleepingGiant in [Laptop] No speaker or headphones are plugged in   
    well ill try to format it now and check what happens
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to 5x5 in [Laptop] No speaker or headphones are plugged in   
    Am 99% certain the audio is defective, probably a board issue
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to SleepingGiant in [Laptop] No speaker or headphones are plugged in   
    i was thinking of formatting it before that. if the format doesn't do it, RMA it is. but i was hoping someone can help me without the need for a format 
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to SleepingGiant in [Laptop] No speaker or headphones are plugged in   
    the laptop is 1 week old. so i ruled out the possibility of it being an hardware problem. tho i want to check inside and see, but i don't want to void the warranty 
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to SeAsOn3 in Has PUBG mobile ruined the Indian gaming community?(how can we revive it?)   
    SOoOoO, PUBG mobile is the most popular android game in India. But Indian government is considering about banning the game along with 274 other chinese apps. So now is a very good time to discuss what led to it's rise and how it almost destroyed the gaming community of India.
    What led to it's rise?
    The most common thing people are blaming for it's rise is the pricing of gaming consoles and PC in India, and then the middle class community of India.
    There were many families in India back in early 2010s who didn't own a PC, why you ask? See because middle class families divide their purchases into 2 parts needs and luxury, needs include things such as a phone, refrigerator, car etc(basically anything which has a purpose). And luxury included things which you can have but you can Survive without em like an air-conditioner, a Computer(in those time only few people owned a computer at home, because they didn't use it much and all the purpose of having an computer can be fulfilled in a cyber cafe).
    And even if people had a computer it was usually a low end and used only once in a month for educational purposes. And gaming is seen as a waste of time by many Indian parents.
    That was about the middle class and now about the pricing. See in India you can easily afford a smart phone capable of running PUBG easily around Rs 10,000 ($150) but building a PC which can run Pubg even at 720p will cost around Rs 30000($400) so it's costlier and average income of middle class families are usually around Rs 45000($600)(it may seem too low or high based on which state in India you're from). So obviously ur parents won't buy you a PC with that budget. But hold on, one of the negative effect of Pubg mobile on gaming community is the reversing of this.
    So when pubg came out it was the first time many people got to enjoy a esport competitive game.(even tho there were Counter-strike tournament which weren't popular). 
    How it ruined the gaming community?
    Well by 2019 PUBG mobile was the biggest gaming community in India. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also aware of the craze the game has spread. An event was organized where Modiji talked with different parents and students for the development of youth, a woman complained that his son spends all his day on mobile playing games, to this Modi's first reply was "yeh pubg Wala hai Kya?"("is this about Pubg?") Then he replied
    So the effect of gaming community is? Downfall of console and pc gaming in India, even streamers who streamed COD and counter-strike stopped streaming those and streamed pubg mobile on emulators to gain more viewers.
    As I told the pricing issue had been reversed, people started buying expensive phones costing 60k-80k Rs just to play PUBG mobile on high settings.
    This things happened 
    (Here it has been asked if given the 3 option which one would you like to game on)
    Things like this happened
    And MEMEs like this came to existence

    So how can we fix it?
    Personally I don't want to judge what people are playing and which platform they are playing, but I just want them to stop spending ridiculous amount of money on it, and stop doing weird shit like this
    They're blaming the game and it's community for this things.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to WereCatf in Has PUBG mobile ruined the Indian gaming community?(how can we revive it?)   
    So, you're basically asking how to force people to like the things you like, instead of the things they like?
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Lunar knight in Display port quick disconnect   
    I've tried but it seemed to have problems with connectivity causing massive amounts of lag.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to ImAlsoRan in Headphone Recommendations?   
    If I'm really honest, you should just get AirPods or PowerBeats Pros. They don't have the greatest sound quality, but they are just too convenient.
    If sound quality is important, just get either the 280 Pro from Senheiser or 32 OHM DT 770 Pros and use a high-quality lighting to 3.5mm jack adapter. (It really does make a big difference)
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to vong in How to properly sound proof and understanding how sound travels?   
    I would call those panel more along the lines of sound treatment than proofing. It'll stop more echoing in the room rather sound going through the wall.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to kraker in How to properly sound proof and understanding how sound travels?   
    piratemonkey sounds more professional, listen to him I've never dealt with soundproofing before
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to steeldesade in Best positional audio headphones available?   
    No I have not as my current headphones are true 5.1 with multiple drivers. I will explore that option with the right stereo headphones.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to K Ganker in Yamaha MG06 for headphone monitoring on PC?   
    Thanks for confirming. Can you give me a run down of how I would connect this device to my PC sound card?
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to K Ganker in Yamaha MG06 for headphone monitoring on PC?   
    Thank you for your reply. I would like to hear myself in order to know how loud I'm talking. Sometimes music or gaming can get loud and without monitoring, you talk louder and louder without realizing it. Even connecting a headset via Xbox has headphone monitoring where you can hear yourself speaking through your headphones.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to ABHISHEK MOR in Is my build good for 1080p gaming   
    I want to go with intel
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Bombastinator in Is my build good for 1080p gaming   
    Ultra wide and 1080p is confusing.  1080p is an aspect ratio as well as a pixel count.  An ultra wide by definition won’t be 1080p unless it’s vignetted or weirdly stretched
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to LOD_ismynightmare in An advice for fellow PC gamers (display resolution related)   
    You might be in a rush now spending your money to buy a 2k or 4k monitor to get bedazzled with the new monitor but you might get disappointed. let me share my experience over the past 12 years or so with 1k, 2k, 4k, and 3440x1440 (ultra wide). Some of you can buy monitors without the ability of returning them and asking for refund, so use my advice as a reference.
    I gamed mostly on 1080p (1k) as it was the longest gaming period for me. It was about 8 years until games looked not fun anymore and I actually quit gaming at one point in the past. So I decided to buy a 2560x1440 (2k) monitor. When I bought it, I had no idea how gaming on 2k felt like because I never experienced it before or visited computer shops to try them, I only bought it online. I felt that gaming is surely better, but I wasn’t impressed and I felt that this upgrade is not totally worth it. The mistake I did is that I should’ve bought a 4k monitor 3840x2160. This is because there is a big difference between 1k to 4k, but you won’t be impressed that much if you keep jumping to the next resolution.
    So I kept gaming on 2k for about 3 years, then this boredom of gaming hit me again, I decided to buy a different monitor this time as I demanded a different experience. It wasn’t a 4k monitor this time as I learned my lesson, it was the ultra wide monitor with 3440x1440 resolution. Now that was a whole new experience. Playing FPS games  (not competitively I don’t recommend that) is really good and playing open world games is absolutely gorgeous. I hated open world games before and now I bought all of the open world games. This resolution will make you love to play open world games. Whether you’re upgrading from 1k, 2k, or even 4k, you will enjoy gaming on 3440x1440 for sure as this resolution finds its niche in many genres: FPS, open world, mmo, mobas, rts, racing, and even action. So you can buy a monitor with this resolution even if you already have another monitor.
    So am I gonna buy a 4k monitor? Surely not, not after I gamed on 2k for a while. So what am I gonna buy next then? I watched a video of a game played on 8k resolution and I was stunned! It had more details and things were shinier. My next plan is to buy an 8k monitor and I think you know why I was stunned. Rule of thumb is to go from 1k to 4k and from 2k to 8k.
    I thought I’d share this and I try to help others with my experience and spending...