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    JabroniBaloney reacted to hni_7 in Good true wireless earbuds   
    What are some good true wireless ear buds for around $60 Australian (40 USD). So far I am looking at https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/jam-live-loud-in-ear-true-wireless-earbuds from that store in my city (It is probably Australian pricing if you click on the link out of Australia).
    Thanks alot
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Ryuzakimorgoth in Red Dead Redemption 2 is frustrating me beyond end   
    I am trying to enjoy Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC and it gave me a lot of issues. Firstly the anti aliasing is extremely bad and NOTHING I do seems to alleviate my problem,its either the hair/beard looks extremely fugly,or the grass looks like a grid is implanted in it. I believe its called dithering? I know The Witcher 2 had such an issue as well that could never be fixed unless using some manner on supersampling(?).
    Then I have this extremely weird issue that as soon as I put water quality to High or Ultra,the water seems to have some weird lines in it.its even worse when seeing from specific angles.
    My pc is easily able to push out 60 FPS on a High/Ultra mix but I have NO idea how to fix these three issues(minus the water that I keep on Medium,which fixes it).
    My specs in the attached picture.

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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Bombastinator in Witcher 3 being chased all over the map by a badass   
    Re: Witcher 3 pc:
    My toon is level 10.  I’m too crap a player to beat Jenny o the woods at the level she is rated for.  I’ve tried at 8th 9th, and 10th level.  Died maybe 30 times.  She has a regen I can’t seem to stop with bombs (which I run out of) or signs. It appears to be times and if I can’t do more than 1/3rd of her health befor she activates it she gets more than 2.  I’ve got only 2 bombs that even claim to stop the regen (they don’t seem to) 
    My next hope is griffin school gear which may have a high enough damage number that I can Do enough damage that she won’t regen completely in seconds.  The issue is while apparently they were available at 7th level this has shifted to 11th level, so I need another level before I can use them. So I’m trying to do the griffin school gear quest. 
    the problem is there’s this lvl 32 teleporting thing that seems to be chasing me all over the map and two shotting  me from full.  I can’t damage it. I do t know what caused it to start chasing me but the thing is a game ender.  Do I need to restart the entire game from the beginning become I somehow accidentally activated an unfinishable game bug?
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to noahthedestroyer5 in How much of a difference is my set up and this guys setup?   
    So I have a 2080 super and Ryzen 3700x. Im concerned because i saw this video of a guy with a 2080 Ti and Ryzen 3900x: Shouldnt my FPS be around his, since theres not much different between his and my equipment or am I wrong? My framerate seems to be kind of a lot lower because mine is usually in the 200s or 300s while his is consistently in 300s 99% of the time.
    edit: i play on max settings 1440p like this video
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to TempestCatto in Gambling and Lootboxes: Why is nothing being done in EU?   
    What's more of a problem is a parent giving their kid the credit card.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Spoiled_Kitten in Neewer 700 sounds terrible on discord   
    It may be the bit rate in discord, check that, otherwise like alex said
    Windows can sometimes be special and default the mic to some other and it aint easy, it also could affect if you are using a web browser or your internet connection, check thoses and bit rate.
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    JabroniBaloney got a reaction from Rodark in Help choosing speakers 2.1 vs 5.1   
    Yup. I have those and they're miles better than the Logitech speakers that I used to have before learning a bit more about audio products.
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    JabroniBaloney got a reaction from nox_ in Help choosing speakers 2.1 vs 5.1   
    Don't buy audio products from a keyboard and mouse company. Buy audio gear from audio companies. 
    You'll get a better 2.0 setup from Edifier than you will from Logitech at the same price point. 
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to minibeas in Using Total War Games for Benchmarking PC hardware   
    I am just tired of them always using a game like Doom, or an FPS game that you will also find on a console. I remember they used to use Ashes of the Singularity, but then stopped. I feel like Total War: Warhammer , or Total War: Three Kingsdoms are popular enough games that are PC exclusives should be included in their game benchmarks, especially for real world CPU benchmarks. 
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to porina in Using Total War Games for Benchmarking PC hardware   
    A game being old doesn't make it irrelevant if it is still widely played. If the engine is used in multiple titles there may be some extrapolation value from that. From a benchmarker perspective, the questions are, how hard is it to get reliable results, and what do those results represent?
    I own several titles in the series, but never got around to playing them... maybe I should start some time.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Avocheeseado in can i play pc game pass games at 144fps   
    Hi, I have started a game pass subscription so i can play mfs 2020, forza etc on my win 10 PC. Am i right in believing that if I download games through game pass, I am limited to only 60fps? So i would have to buy the game on steam or wherever to get 144fps. And also would this change when next gen consoles come out?
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Alex Ushigome in Good but affordable Mic arm stand?   
    PCCG went up, umart
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Alex Ushigome in Good but affordable Mic arm stand?   
    Rode PSA1 from PCCaseGear
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to ItsMeRachata in Is there any PC now that can play RDR2 4K Max Settings 240FPS   
    Is there any PC now that can play RDR2 4K Max Settings 240FPS? 
    I'll guess it's the Compensator 3.0
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to RageTester in Microsoft Flight Simulator   
    Moon landing 1969... The Apollo Guidance Computer had RAM of 4KB and 32KB hard disk.
    So am I getting it right, the game is 100 GB+? And you have to pay for it? Who will pay you for new hard drive?
    Simulators are just not my thing, but at least they work for real life racing drivers...
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Chett_Manly in EA no longer banning cheaters in Battlefield   
    For the last few months I have seen the same cheaters in Battlefield 1. Same names over and over and over again. Looking at Steam reviews it also is a massive problem with Battlefield V. I have reported them every time I come across them, which now is basically every time I play. Yet they do not get banned. I have seen cheaters running full aimbot, with 99%+ headshot rate, go from rank 1 to rank 150, logging well over 100 hours of full on aimbotting, and I am guessing at least 500 reports by players, yet nothing has been done. They are not banned.
    It is my belief EA has defunded the enforcement division that handled this. I suspect this happened when they stopped production on new patches for BFV. I strongly recommend not buying Battlefield or any DICE shooter. There is no anticheat anymore, there is no enforcement anymore, it is a garbage experience.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Randel1980 in Is STEAM app safe?   
    So i'm pretty new to STEAM game launcher. I want to play a lot of game but I dont want to spend a lot of money, so I rent a shared steam account that costs 10$ a month with hundred of games that I can play as much as I want, except for online mode. When I logged in I had to enter security code that he gave it to me.
    When I logged into his account I see some remote desktop stuff and a lot of computer names, family view, asking for pin to unlock family view mode and a lot of weird stuff. 
    I just wasn't sure how this app worked, for some reason i thought there might be a way for people to gain access to my computer, but I might be too paranoid.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Meczox_YT in Wireless headset around 100$ On blackfriday   
    So i want to get some wireless headset if possible ANC ones for black friday can you auggest me some that will probably if it gets a discount go to around 100$ more or less 
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to PianoPlayer88Key in been >10 years since I last shopped, but want durable ~$100-150 wireless headset with accurate sound, won't sweat in >43-48°C (100-118°F) ambient, etc   
    Thanks for the input @Lord Vile & @AAJoe.
    Hmm... Well I would definitely want the sound isolation of closed-back headphones.  I like to have a high "signal to noise" ratio, in that what's around me isn't interfering with what I'm listening to, and I would like to be able to do that without having to crank up the volume to dangerous levels.
    I'm not sure where these rank among other headphones, but I was looking online at a couple models from Etymotic that claim 35-42dB isolation.  I wouldn't be going for the top ER4 model that's like $300, but would consider a step down from that, along with other brands as well, like Shure, Sennheiser, or a few others.  Most of them are wired, though, and the few wireless ones I was seeing seem to use the belt-clip receivers and shelf/rack-mount transmitters that are more often used in live sound / stage environments.
    If I was going to be sitting in one place all the time, I'd consider wired, as long as the cables are detachable / replaceable.
    However, I do want to be able to move around the room and nearby rooms (or if possible the entire house or even the yard, with the "base station" attached to my PC or stereo system.  Where I'm living now, the house is about 2100 sq ft, and the yard is about 1/2 acre, about 90 x 270 ft or so.)  Having wired headphones would very easily get tangled, especially since the room where my computers (desktop & laptop) are (along with our wifi router, etc) is quite cluttered.  (My laptop, which is my current daily driver, is on the desk near the camera - you can see a little corner of the side of the desk, and a printer on same, in the photo just beyond the doorway near which I was standing to take the photo.)
    The Sennheiser HD598 is about 3x my budget or so.  I hadn't really thought of a mod mic, but thanks for mentioning it, I'll have to do a bit more research but it might be something I could consider.  (Didn't Linus do a video on that a while back?  Or was it one of the other tech tubers?)
    Yeah, I know it's a bit tight on the requirements vs budget.  I could maybe slightly relax a couple things.
    I probably won't be using them in 100-degree weather all the time, maybe only a few times a year, idk.  (Maybe good quality $100-200 in-ear headphones like some I've mentioned above might help with that?)  If I go with full-sized headphones, I feel I get better isolation with circumaural, so my ears fit completely within the ear cups.  I've been leaning more toward the in-ear options though
    For me, noise isolation would be quite important.  I don't want to damage my hearing any more than I may already have.  When I was younger I used to be able to hear musical instruments way in the background of a mix (where the sound engineer didn't try to make everything the same level but pretty much left things alone) that some other people didn't even know were there.  I probably still can to some extent, it would help to have not-junk headphones.
    Of course I'd like decent sound quality as well.  I don't want anything fancy like artificial coloring of the sound - accuracy is much more important to me.  Even if the source leans more toward the bad side, I'm fine with hearing that, I WANT to hear that so if it's something I'm producing I can know to try to fix it.  On the other hand, I don't want the headphones to make it worse than it actually is.  As I said, accuracy is key for me.
    ModMic or something similar is definitely under consideration.  Since I'd mostly be using that for speech (not music) I'd probably be okay with a mic that's not "high end", but idk if there's any wireless mic around $50 or so (so I can spend more of the budget on the headphones) that are still "good enough".
    I think I'd probably choose noise isolation over ear heat, since I don't anticipate a lot of use in hot environments.  Would be nice to have that option though, hence one of the reasons I was wondering about in-ear headphones.
    Wireless would be really nice. "Budget" to me is like $15-$25 (or <$7-10 for earbuds), "high-end" is more like $150-$250 or more.  (Yes, I know there are setups that are thousands of dollars, but people buying those either make like several million a year, or are spending a higher portion of their income on headphones than I would, or are buying on credit, or whatever.)
    Finding something around $150 would be nice, but I could go up to like $200 or a bit more, especially for something that's good quality among other things.
    I'm guessing the mod mic wouldn't work with IEMs?  Or is there a way to attach it if you don't have "full size" headphones?  (I'd have to be able to use it hands-free.)
    The BT350 + MMW looks like an interesting option, I might have to research that a bit more.  I might be able to stretch the budget a bit to make it fit.
    A few others I was maybe initially looking at, in the full-sized headset category, include ones like the Cooler Master MH670, Corsair Virtuoso RGB, Kingston HyperX Cloud Flight models, Logitech G533/G935, maybe a Sennheiser model or 2 or a couple other brands.  Was looking at a couple reviews of the G935 and they were generally saying it had decent sound, but was a bit lacking in isolation.
    Also I don't really care about RGB, or 7.1 surround (in headphones, but in speakers would be nice), or aesthetics all that much.
    In any case though, considering what I'm anticipating spending on these, durability and longevity would be very high ranking of importance.  Basically I want them to last long enough, so that if you average it out over time, they're much cheaper-per-time overall than my cheap earphones.  Generally I've been replacing my $10-$15 earphones about once every 4-6 months, although sometimes they last longer.  My dad has a pair of the same model that he's had for probably 5 or more years I think - if the longevity improvement calculation / expectation could be based on that, it would be nice.
    I've been hoping that  there's at least been some improvement in the $100-250 price range since I was last using full-sized headphones about 15-20 or so years ago. (Although maybe it wouldn't quite be the same level of price-to-performance improvement as things like video cards have had in that time frame. )
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to PianoPlayer88Key in been >10 years since I last shopped, but want durable ~$100-150 wireless headset with accurate sound, won't sweat in >43-48°C (100-118°F) ambient, etc   
    It's been a while (like 11 years or so iirc) since I've shopped for something like this, but I think I'm interested in improving my headphones experience.  (I've been using variations of JVC Marshmallows - currently have an HA-FX38 - for quite a few years now, replacing them a few times a year as the cord breaks.)
    I'm basically wanting to spend somewhere around $100 or so (maybe $150?) on a decent quality wireless headset.  I may consider upping my budget a bit of I'd be getting something quite a bit better for not spending a whole lot more, but $250+ or so would be a pretty tough pill to swallow.  However I may consider spending that much for something that's very durable, can last many years or a few decades, etc.
    I'm wanting wireless, so I don't have to deal with cords breaking so much, and I can have more freedom to move around.  I'm not sure that I want bluetooth though, as I want to be able to use these with equipment that came out in or before the 1980s or 1970s, as well as my modern PC, phone, etc.
    I don't want any fancy "gimmicks" on the sound (like geared for specific types of games), but I do want a fairly wide response and fairly accurate sound, at least as much as possible without breaking the bank.  (Some musical instrument recordings I listen to go down to 16 Hz, a few even reach 8 Hz.  I don't want something that "muddies" the bass with an artificial "boost' around 100-200 Hz.  Also I don't want a "shrill" treble, I prefer something more accurate.  My hearing, last I checked a year or few ago, tops out at or slightly below 16 kHz, and goes down to about 10 or 12 Hz I think, small possibility of maybe reaching 8 Hz but i'm not really sure.)
    I'd much prefer good passive sound isolation over active noise cancellation.
    Last time I used full-sized headphones (some Panasonics I had gotten at Fry's maybe 15 years ago for around $40 or so iirc), my ears would sweat quite badly, especially when I used them outdoors in summer.  (It's not totally uncommon to have temps upwards of 100-108°F / 38-42°C) at times here.  Also I'm thinking of moving to another city sometime, with Phoenix being under consideration as well as a few other desert locations that don't have cold climates - like if it's 100°F it's "cold" .)
    I think I'm leaning toward something like wireless in-ear monitors, but idk what good ones would also have a microphone.  (I want to be able to use that mic for talking in games or on streams if I start streaming piano music.  I have a separate mic I'll be using for the piano.)
    Or are modern full-sized headsets much better for use in hot environments than they used to be when I was last trying them?
    I feel I'm leaving a lot of details out though.  
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to rice guru in Is a DAC worth it?   
    In this case an amp and dac is not worth getting for your current gear. Always base you source gear based on what you want to power so if you want to have gear to support what you want to to power in the future go for it
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Avocheeseado in Is a DAC worth it?   
    I am listening to music and gaming.
    I use the logitech g433 headset.
    Not sure of my budget. I dont want to spend a lot but am not aware of the prices of amps/dacs. I have a blue yeti mic but don't usually use it because it gets in the way a bit.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Tigerleon in Is a DAC worth it?   
    Not if your headphones aren't over 50 ohms and you require an amp, not DAC. There is a difference. Most gaming headphones or headsets often have 16 or 32. So no you probably don't need an amp. But on the other hand. A DAC can be better quality depending on which one it is. What is your budget? Buying an amp/DAC is good and you can save up more money for decent "real" headphones instead of gaming ones if you have a gaming headset. And put on a seperate mic on there like the antlion modmic uni.
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to BucketBoiAce in Will Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 Campaign Remastered. have multiplayer?   
    So I brought Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 Campaign Remastered, and I beat the campaign multiple times (i think about 10 times)   and I have seen that there is no multiplayer. Now, I have never been a fan and have played they online mode but I want to try it out, So here come my  question: Will Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 Campaign Remastered. have multiplayer? 
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    JabroniBaloney reacted to Mark-McG in Complex Audio Setup... HELP!   
    Hi all,
    I am trying to setup my audio for gaming and its getting a bit complex and Im struggling to work out how to set it up in Windows to work how I want.
    Devices I have are:
    Astro A50 - Connected via Optical cable and USB
    The A50 then shows up in sounds settings as:
    Astro A50 Game (I dont want to use this as using Optical out for game audio)
    Astro A50 Voice
    Razer Seiren Elite
    What I want to acheive is
    Game Sound Output - Optical to A50
    Chat Output - Astro A50 Voice (So I can do Game/Voice Mix)
    Chat Input - Razer Seiren Elite
    The game sound seems to be working well so all good on that. Its trying to get chat in and out to be a different device I cant quite get.
    Any help much appreciated! Thanks, Mark