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  1. My monitor is 3440x1440p. Have certain budget for new PC. Should I go with RTX 2080 and watercool whole PC or with RTX 2080Ti and normal cooling for GPU and AIO for CPU. Same price comes for every situation...
  2. i reinstalled original windows and still shutdowns are here :/
  3. So, i have been on a vacation for 5monts. During summer one day i came back home to pc and suddenly it went off and it rebooted itself in 2-3 min. But it's constantly happening in last few days since i came back. Tryed a lot of stuff and it didn't help. all drivers updated, windows updated, windows activated etc. but when im only surfing, pc restarts in 1-2h, but when gaming it restarts in 5-10min or even less. funny thing is CPU and GPU temps are okay. i rebuild my pc and still the same problem... is this software problem or hardware? thanks!
  4. im building new system for 60hz 4k resolution. and going to spend around 5500$ for it. would you rather have 1 gtx 1080ti or 2x 1080s in watercooled system?
  5. what's atm the best AMD gpu for 144HZ 1080p resolution? I manily play Six Siege with GTX 970 and I average around 150fps. but ofc i play some other games when they come out and delete them. would rx 580 be fine?
  6. hy guys. i'm planning to watercool my pc. everything's setup but coolant. i want solid light blue, like EK had be4 pastel blue, but seen Salazar studio that thermaltake opaque has bad impacts on system... what should i do?
  7. what abt 1080ti? why 1070?
  8. i render in adobe premiere a lot, 100% of the time. maybe another 16gb of ram and gtx 1080 or 1080ti?
  9. so now i have 6700k, GTX 970, 16GB in my system. but started doing a lot of videos, rendering and other stuff that require power from PC to do, beside hard gaming. my plan is to take 1440p monitor 144hz, and need gpu which will take 80-100fps every game and a powerfull PC that will make things faster. what do you suggest me to upgrade? for now i'm buying 4TB hdd, 500GB ssd for my storage files and games... what else should i upgrade? budget is around 1500€ - CPU/GPU which i will take money from selling...
  10. what do you recommend? i want this 1080 with 1440p so bad
  11. monitor will be bought after summer for sure. im on 1080p 60hz right now, but im looking for good deals on GPU, specially on 1080. i want to grab one so much haha what versions?
  12. does not ship to croatia... it's EVGA SC edition
  13. GTX 1080s or? yea, but i get 980ti for like 150$ if i sell my GTX 970 and i get 1080 for 460$. consider that!
  14. this is with price dropped. max price drop i already found was 625$...