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    I5 4460
  • Motherboard
    MSI H81m-E34
  • RAM
    Crucial 1x8gb stick
  • GPU
    Sapphire RX480
  • Case
    Fractal Design Core 2500
  • Storage
    A-Data 240 GB SP550
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    Silverstone SST-ST50F-PB
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    BenQ EW2750
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    Roccat SKELTR
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    Sennheiser HD451
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    Win 10

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  1. Hello! I think my 128gb micro sd card has died. I seems to be in a read-only state. I used it in my android phone. I have tried the following: formatting the sd card (Windows, phone and the 'official' SD Card Formatter couldn't do it). doing a error check with windows diskpart with cleaning the directory (didn't change anything) a regedit (forcing the read-only state 0 if I remember correctly) changing folder attributes (upon reconnecting, itš back to read-only) *Windows seemingly deletes/changes files, but upon ejecting, it doesn't change any
  2. Could I power a pc fan (120mm) with a dc 12v 2a adapter? The 3-pin molex fan header has only 12VDC+ on the middle pin, could I power it basically directly? Thanks for any help/tips!
  3. Well, I am looking at some basic/but still good enough for a starter soldering irons. This a option (Basic iFixit soldering iron), is it good? Are there any better suggestions for me in the eu? Bonus q: Is there a difference between differently priced solders/fluxes?
  4. That is true, but didn't think that it would be to that degree. My win10 install was broken, thankfully used another pc and installed win 10. So solved...
  5. I upgraded a system and it does post (am4 cpu, new mobo (asrock ab350m) and ram), after that I tried changing boot priority to a usb win 10 install, it didn't work as it showed only one flashing line. Later I tried continuing with the old win 7 on the hdd, but the keyboard and mouse don't work, but do in bios. I also used usb 2.0 ports as win 7 doesn't have the correct drivers. Also safe boot doesn't help with the mouse and keyboard problem. And also, does the usb drive have to have an iso file or multiple other files?
  6. I recently posted this for suggestions on routing cables better. I have bought a switch/powerline adapters to make it work, but it doesn't seem to work. TV is throwing out a error, and if there's a pc connected to the switch it displays "local area connection doesn't have a valid ip configuration". The adapters seem to be connected properly (have two sets, because I need different router ports (one works fine, but it's independent from this)). Thanks for your help, and I hope you can guide me through it. Edit:resolved
  7. So this a bit weirder post, but I need some help and suggestions to improve my network. This is the current setup. I have a set-top box which requires a different port a runs on a powerline adapter. There also is a smart tv/xbox and another tv box. Currently it runs on two long ethernet wires through the room which looks crappy and is a bad solution (outer shell of the cables is punctured in multiple places, but not deeper). To make matters worse, there is only one female port. To use one or the other I switch the cable at the port. The use cases are not demanding on speed and our
  8. So the title says everything, but one sad thing to note (7) is that in Europe the Oneplus officialy isn't available until Sept. 12. + days to arrive to all of the warehouses. Honor 5X concerned about the camera; Has a nice aluminium backplate; no NFC LG Nexus 5X concerned about the Nexus storage options (No MicroSD); I don't really care about the extra wifi bands, but has Gorrila glass Huawei P9 Lite nothing to really add, it's the most expensive out of three and also the newest But also the Xiaomi and Oneplus (in the future) phones would be considerable, but im concern
  9. Rocking a iGPU and I was already looking at a new gpu from possibly new gen.
  10. So I have decided on purchasing a 1080p 27 inch monitor. So I found four possible monitors with an identical price: LG 27MP58VQ-P Samsung LS27E390HS Samsung LS27E510CS Curved BenQ EW2750ZL IMO the curve isn't a major selling point to me, but I wouldn't mind any comments about it or any other tips. Also I would rather purchase the monitor with the best build quality, because my last one died because of a cheap capacitor organized party.
  11. 1) Silverstone SST-ST50F-PB 2) ModMesh 3) Going for a simple, but good looking black and white theme. Goes also good with any additional colors IMO.
  12. The 1080 Refrence design here is 900 Eur pre-orders from MSI; Gigabyte and also Asus i think.
  13. So after a troubleshooting I found that my gpu was at fault, but now I think that rather then the gpu the monitor gave up. (I turns on and receives signal from pc, but it's a empty signal if you could say that). I threw the gpu out already and only now did I relise, that I messed up, a bit. Are there any things that I can test before making dumb rushed decisions? The warranty on both the thrown gpu and the monitor is expired. (Monitor - Samsung P2270HD)