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  1. I wanted help, a better solution. but specially your comments are kinda useless so more towards you. Should have said, not looking for a direct solution. But maybe 'better' not so time consuming workarounds. Because we all know Microsoft does not give a shit anyway.
  2. For a small environment this sounds like too much, i should be able to simply open up the laptop make a offline account and boom. The computers will not be linked to the domain, these are stand alone laptops and we are pretty free when it comes to the user actually using the device. Just nope, glad you still try to tell me how my situation is. Also not looking for a solution because sadly i work around this stupidity of Microsoft now, I just find it really stupid that some normal user will buy a device and get forced to do this. The surface i bought could
  3. True but it is so sad for the normal user, who thinks it might be easy to setup wifi now while it pops up. Little do they know about this nasty catch behind it Wish i could say switching would bother them, but sadly it does not. This is the stuff i really don't like. It is just nasty.
  4. No shit never said there was, just have my 3rd surface coming in with this bullshit. just ordered a new laptop with w10 pro and everything went fine. I know that was the whole conclusion thanks for reminding me. Surface support line says its windows 10 and put you right back to windows 10 support who are eager to put you through to surface support when you mention you got a surface. Never ending loop. The first 3 guys were dicks, and offered no help at all. they just wanted to hang up and be done with me. While i payed for something and require
  5. This is fine for 1 device, but at my work we gotta do alot more (this is for work) Yes this would be a workaround, but it is plainly stupid. a normal customer don't know about this shit they are pulling. And are forced to make a microsoft account to just get through the configuration process. Which is so sneaky and stupid. Even if a 'normal' not tech person knew of this problem and forgot about it they use wifi and boom stuck, even if they call microsoft they can't do anything for that person then just tell. go spend a day learning how to reinstall windows
  6. @xAcid9 refuse to even make a Microsoft account tbh, it's something stupid i don't need and don't wanna keep track off. It's stupid that you CAN make a local account but not when you already configure wifi. You have a nice arrow to go back but it just brings you nowhere. Rebooting does not help either. It lets you configure the keyboard things but it just remembers you enabled WIFI so it goes back to the same page to login/create MS account.
  7. A little rant so people are aware, this is the second Microsoft surfae i've bought. And it does not let me make a local user account, it's something stupid they probably did. Last time i called Microsoft about it and said i've bought a surface, WATCH OUT when you say the word surface they dial you through to the surface department about clearly a windows 10 problem. Even a Microsoft employee told me this, it's stupid. The surface department said the could not help me ofcourse. But atleast talking to 5 people for over an hour where 3 people absolutly refused to help me and w
  8. https://www.lynda.com/ - Watch then start. You just need something to get you started the rest will come with building experience. PS : Could be any other side, just start.
  9. Just got my Index, coming from the Rift CV1. What a insane difference. Still have to play a lot to see the downside to it.
  10. Pretty heavy VR gamer here, personally i won't even consider a inside out tracking solution if you have the space. I've had the Rift CV1 since November 2017, Once you put some time into making it like you want it's awesome. A friend just bought a Rift S still have to try it probably this weekend, and yesterday my Valve Index arrived. So i'm also getting some more experience with different headsets. Anyway I would go for a Vive, it seems the better upgrade path along the way atm. I had no way to go with my Rift, now with the Valve kit I can use the old viv
  11. "Hosting is expensive" is quite a bold statement if you don't specify what kind of hosting you need for what kind of app etc. If you just need some database kind of thing with api software around it (idk) you can do like a DigitalOcean Droplet which begin at €5 per month. You can start something small with that probably.
  12. When i'm developing in PHP (Laravel) i'll mostly use https://github.com/fzaninotto/Faker Maybe there is some alternative things for you. Or maybe you can make some nice script for yourself.
  13. Just use Go if you feel like it.
  14. This is such bullshit, basically spent a lot of money to develop for our shitty Apple OS ! Or setup a VM lose all the smooth experience of a normal PC.
  15. Pretty obvious, try to add line by line because it seems you forget to add some ";" there For example after $db variable and $msg variable. Don't write all of it just do line by line and test if you just began
  16. Find out what webserver you are using then find out what distro you are using then typ into google "restart {webserver} on {distro}"
  17. @Metallus97 Your signature doesn't work well with the night theme
  18. The product placement goes to far imo, dislike worthy for it.
  19. Lynda.com I found a great resource, but many people don't want or can't pay for education. Depends on your situation
  20. *Writes 4 different languages you could learn.* *Start to dissagree with people who doesn't like my languages.* Or you could start thinking of a small project come back and ask what the right tools are to make a start.