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  1. So, as the title says, I've been having some issues with my XFX RX 5500xt. I suspect that it started as a minor issue with the second monitor on my setup not receiving video, which I could fix by simply unplugging the hdmi cable from the graphics card and plugging it back in. This was a nuisance at the time, so I didn't think much of it, and am still not certain that it is part of the problem, as my second monitor is pretty old and requires a vga to hdmi adapter in the first place. Then, after a while, my main display would not receive video after waking the computer up from sleep. I would hav
  2. It's a possibility, though given my limited knowledge in this particular matter, I'm not optimistic about my chances with anything short of a full reinstall at this point.
  3. Makes sense. I'd hoped to not have to do that, as I don't have a way to transfer all those files efficiently and would hate to have to download it all from the cloud, but if that's what's necessary, then..oh well.
  4. Hello everyone, this is the first time I've posted here, and it's because I have a very bizarre problem on my hands. My system, the detailed specs for which will be below, is currently running on Windows 10 Pro version 2004, which is installed on a Western Digital 2TB M.2 ssd. Now, I had taken apart my system in order to do some cleaning and cable management, and decided to remove one of the two hard drives in my system, a WD blue 320gb hdd. Upon rebooting my computer, I was greeted with the screen that said to reboot and select a proper boot device. This seemed odd to me, as I had not touched
  5. I am still using an R9 270 in my rig, and while it is enough, it is beginning to show its age in some of the newer titles I prefer to play. It may have been designed for 1080p gaming, but even at lower resolutions, I am running games on mostly medium and low settings with what was once a fairly high performance 1080p card. It also is starting to run rather hot, and is reaching temperatures & fan speeds I did not initially observe, nor would I expect from an Asus strix cooler. A new polaris gpu would be a nice upgrade to breathe some new life into my aging pc.
  6. I would really like to get a new ssd for my computer. I started out my current build with about 200 U.S. dollars, and have made upgrades since then to gaming-ready components for everything but my 160gb hard drive. Needless to say, with Google Chrome, Origin, and only 3 games (one of them is Titanfall-57gb!), my pc is down to less than 20 gb of storage. Money for me is a bit tight, and will likely stay that way for a while, so a new ssd would be a great upgrade to have right now if I want to get any new games anytime soon(Not to mention that my pc is starting to get sluggish with such little s