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  1. Most of my friends are always talking about team red and I've always been on team green. I think it is time to get an AMD card!
  2. The combination of the size and ease of use makes it a perfect alternative to the laptop screen my friends and I use for playing smash. Also a little netflix and chill on the go doesn't hurt!!! jk I'm single...
  3. After all the years of using the logitech k120 a non mechanical keyboard I realize that it was time for an upgrade. Playing games with a non mech keyboard is frustrating and not nearly enjoyable, that's why I wish to have a new keyboard.
  4. Rig name: Name hereCpu: I5 - 3470Gpu: Asus GTX 970Ram: 16 Gb
  5. With the dollar to gigabyte ratio decreasing even more on ssds the reason for buying a hard drive is becoming less and less. So of course everyone should (if they have the money) upgrade to an ssd.