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  1. Don't worry, I'm not planning on 8K due to cost and need. But what I'm hearing is that LED (X80J) if the safer bet?
  2. They aren't known for future proof?? Like how bad? 8 years? 5 years? 2 years???
  3. Hi all! I got my first apartment and looking at TV's to get. Currently I'm looking at 55 inch (maybe/maybe not 65 inch). But I would like to get into 4K and a decent set up since I've been told that 8K is not exactly worth the money. I've taken a liking at the Sony's platform and have taken an interest at the A80J (https://www.sony.com/electronics/televisions/a80j-series) and the X80J (https://www.sony.com/electronics/televisions/x80j-series). Yes I know the pros and cons of the panels of OLED verses and LED. But wanted to understand more on the "future proofing" aspect
  4. Yeah I'm not entirely sure about the ergonomics of the keyboard since its made for the couch and on the lap. 6 months is a long time for a gaming keyboard. I'll probably sleep on it
  5. Hiya! So all my parts will come in next week and I'll be able to build my PC finally, WOOHOO! Unfortunately I have been using a laptop and don't actually own a keyboard because I'm waiting for my mechanical keyboard I'm building in the summer. Therefore I would like a temporary keyboard that will last me 6 months of casual computer stuff, gaming, and slight editing. But I would not like to be wasteful so I would like the keyboard to be long term; some couch keyboard that I can use in the living room if I would like. Below for simplified terms. Needs: Temporary keyboard
  6. Hi all!! Finally after weeks of waiting outside my Microcenter, I have finally got my 3080 graphics card!!! Nonetheless, the power supply has been a struggle and currently waiting. I saw that Cooler Master came out with their SFX power supply (yes I am aware that they are SFX-l dimensions and both will fit in my ITX build). I know that 750W will be enough for my build but needed thoughts on the better choice long term, quality, sound, and so forth. Has anyone gotten either the: Corsiar SFX 750W, Cooler Master SFX v750W, or Cooler Master SFX v850W that can give me their
  7. Case: Sliger SM560 MOBO: ASUS X570 ITX PS: CORSIAR SF750 CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Cooler: IDCOOLING IS-60 RAM: 32Gbs Storage: 1TB M.2 SSD GPU: ASUS 3080 TUF ($699) VS ASUS 3080 STRIX ($850) Situation: I am choosing either these card cause I like Asus, performance, and whatever. Both these card fits which is not the issue. The problem, besides the stock supply of 3080's, is that if I go with the ASUS TUF card then I know I'm missing out on the little performance improvement as well as the amount of stock fulfillment of getting it as soon as the STRIX
  8. This lets you download any google contents you have with google https://takeout.google.com/?hl=en
  9. I'm here for the same issue, and remember this older video of NAS sever. I was thinking a NAS server with https://takeout.google.com/?hl=en would a be an idea... However, I'm feeling iffy whether this would be the same or similar service like Google photos that i l had loved. Posting and following here to see if others have better ideas or comments
  10. Building an ITX case and not sure if there has been any news whether the new series of CPUs will have an ECO mode as well. Trying to see how much power I can get with the ID-COOLING: IS-60 (w/ Noctua fans)
  11. Can Zealios switches fit in a Kailh Sockets? I am planning on getting: -Zealios 67g (https://zealpc.net/products/zealio) -RAMAWORKS: U-80A (https://ramaworks.store/products/u80-a-seq2?variant=32603681980494)
  12. Ahhhh so I should go with B550 since they're the same? or I guess X570 for the ports?
  13. https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/ROG-Strix-X570-I-Gaming/specifications/ What is the 3.0 then? (Curious)
  14. Might just pull through, but time and reviews on the 14th will tell. But Hell, go for it!!
  15. Hi Everyone! I've got almost everything planned out for my build but wanted to get your opinion. Do I go with the ASUS B550 ITX or the B570 ITX?? Case: Sliger 560 (https://www.sliger.com/products/cases/sm560/) CPU: Gonna wait for the AMD 4000 series, maybe new ryzen 7 or 9 (we'll see) GPU: 3080 (Probably ASUS https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/ROG-STRIX-RTX3080-10G-GAMING/specifications/) What I know: -I need to have the front panel IO for the USB type C (Both board have this I think) -PCIE graphics 4.0 is probably better for the new 3000 series (
  16. So LTT had several videos "recently" of how great linux has become over the years as well as how great it is compared to Windows or macOS or whatever. I have also seen many articles online of the benefits of going Linux than the tranditional Windows OS. So it brings me to my question. Although Linux isn't mainstream and that popular (yet?). Who is Linux not for??
  17. Conclusion: Thermal paste did help with temperatures getting the CPU to id to high 50s as well as the GPU to mid 40s. Frame rates did increase to more than playable, but not as high as before. I'll honestly take it and be happy that my computer can run games again
  18. I'll try replacing the thermal paste tomorrow. Fingers crossed. But yes the games are in fact using the dedicated 1050 and not the on-board graphics.
  19. The 100C is from loading into the minecraft world, at which would go back down and steady at 60s. I watch the temps for just under 10 minutes to be sure. But yes I cleared out all dust out. Fan curve is stock and have never touched it. Thanks for the thought. My friend said that it could be the thermal paste could be dried out, but I would assume that it would be too early for tat and maybe the temps would be higher for that to happen
  20. Note: This is all being played on my 2017 HP OMEN-15T if that matters since I know laptop vs desktops hardware are different etc etc.
  21. HELP?? Started less than a week ago, but I was fine playing games like valorant and minecraft. But suddenly I went from 40s fps down to less than 20 fps (roughly, but it was basically difficult to play). Attached is my collected data. -Temps in Minecraft throttled in the beginning of launching but went back down to the steady temps shown. -CPU(i7-7700HQ)/GPU(GTX1050) utilization may be high? I'm not sure how much should be utilized when playing -All drivers updated -No background apps -I still have 400+ gb SSD storage -Definitely not my ram as I have 32gbs
  22. Thank you both for your help and I will be purchasing the stick from Amazon Have a wonderful day/night!
  23. Thank you so much! Am I matching the NB Frequency or the DRAM Frequency? Model: 15t-ax200 Thank you for your help
  24. I have an HP Omen 15T (2017) THIS is the closest thing I can find that is most similar to my laptop. Basically I have an 1TB HHD, 4K display (to my knowledge), 4 core i7, 1060 GPU, and 8gbs of ram I would like to upgrade the ram as I've been doing my video editing on Davinci resolve 16 and its been eating up more ram than when I play (low-end) games with my friends. Basically, What specific ram should I get to 16gbs (unless if you recommenced more like 32 or something)? I know that desktop ram is different from laptop ram and I don't wanna screw up and waste time getting the wrong t
  25. Hi! I purchased the HP OMEN 15T and I am having some trouble figuring out how to upgrade this laptop. I am looking to upgrade the to SSD and add more ram. Unfortunately, I do not know what type of M.2 SSD I will be needing as I understand that there are different types. I am also looking to upgrade the ram with an additional stick, but I've heard of some problems with doing that unless I get one that is almost exactly the same. I have attempted to try and remove the back but it got to the point where I got too afraid that I might break something. So I hope to just just open the back