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  1. So, im really not sure what the issue is now. I did a fresh install and now my second monitor isnt being detected, all respectable drivers have been installed
  2. So decluttering is an another plus to fresh install. awesome
  3. I was just going to use Samsung's Data Migration software
  4. Okay thanks for the information
  5. So ive got a new SSD from black friday sale. I was really wondering what i should do. Go with a fresh install or clone my existing hard drive. Does doing a fresh install give the ssd better performance or does it not matter at all. Thanks
  6. Wait for the New OnePlus or something like Nexus 6P
  7. Yeah i saw that video today and this happened today, also i do not have an oven that i wont be using ever again
  8. Yes the warranty for the card is done
  9. Funny you should say that, i have AMD, and my MB doesn't have Video output
  10. So my gpu is now dead, i had an R9 270x and this thing died on me today while i was playing blackops 3. I really want to wait for Pascal and Polaris, Is there anything that i could use as a backup that wont cost much. Or should i pull out my retired GT 210 out of the hardware box? If i plan to do that with the GT 210 will i be able to at least run games like minecraft? Or would you guys suggest getting rid of that and getting something newer. (If i do get something newer i want it to last a while in case this happens again)
  11. Can i please get a screenshot of your Taskmanager? also how much ram do you have in your system?
  12. So i have an AMD FX 8320 with a Hyper 212 Evo installed. Would 4.5GHz be safe?
  13. Something went wrong when you were creating a bootable USB. I use a software called powerISO to make bootable USB and it works great, check it out, they have a 30 day trial.
  14. Oh in that case somthing like a R7 240/x or R7 250/x for AMD, and like a GT730/740
  15. I ran on a dual core Athlon II X2 clocked at 3.0 and the integrated HD4200, and if i could do that with something of lower you can defiantly do more with a higher end CPU and iGPU
  16. I have. and using AMD, and currently my parents have my old setup. A computer from 2011 that has integrated AMD graphics that can run skyrim on high settings
  17. Contact the retailer and tell them the item has issues and that you wish to replace it, every seller is different. For example if you buy NewEgg Premier which is a subscription service for $50 a year(good for returning items you purchased by accident). B&H should have an exchange policy like most other stores, simply contact them.
  18. Unplug everything and go one by one. Connect each thing at every boot to see if it gives you a problem, once you find the part that is giving you problems RMA it