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    No longer doing sleeving jobs due to work commitments and what not. Sorry for the disappoint. I might get back into it in a month or so, it really depends on my work though.
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  1. The fact that he was even concidering a FX chips means he was going to buy a discrete card regardless. Seeing as FX has no on board GPU.
  2. You can barely count the 250 as a discrete card though. You use 250's in old systems that need a working GPU so your grandparents can check up on their email. Not for gaming
  3. For 720p maybe, But it can't hold up to a descrete card
  4. As suggested above, 6300 or 8320 Nopeeeeeeeeeee
  5. More cores means alot now that programs are using them, plus single core performance isn't that bad on the FX line, then taking into concideration that the fx lineup can all overclock, something the i3 cannot do. Then the i3 has no chance against the FX. Typically a FX core clocked at 500Mhz higher than a intel core will even out the performance of the two. AMD already clocks their CPU's higher. Plus can overclock quite a ways on the stock cooler, yet alone of a proper heatsink. Consoles have nothing to do with any of this either, games were becoming multithreaded long before the APU's in
  6. "I heard about strippaz and waffles and came over"- TheSLSAMG

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    2. cjeffcoatjr
    3. marto


      haha yeah, I wanted to see how long it would take for people to figure shit out

    4. Lays
  7. marto

    Noctua Fans

    There are plenty of other fans out there that offer similar or better performance in terms of airflow and silence, without looking like balls
  8. Today I learned that Haswell i3's are the most incredible CPU that's ever been made ever and can destroy anything AMD has to offer so there's no real point buying anything better than an i3 because your getting better than anything AMD can offer anyway...

  9. So you've been arguing over a point that you know isn't a point then? k buddy, bye :3
  10. After the first date you always, ALWAYS wait for her to contact you first
  11. Congrats. Further missing the point. I stated that most games produced in the last 5 years will favor single threaded performance. But that difference will be so minimal between i3's and 6300's that it's a null point, games made before that will be single threaded, but so easy to process that it's not going to matter which system your running, your going to max it out or get pretty darn close to it, so again it's a null point. Then going into the future all games are having a heavily multithreaded engine implemented, which for budget gaming means the extra threads of the fx lineup make it
  12. I really wonder sometimes if people like yourself who are arguing against every other person in the thread are doing it because they are to embarrassed to admit they screwed up, or because they are really that dumb? Either way, just because I probably can't put into words right now how wrong you really are, here's one of my life heroes with a little message for you enjoy
  13. have a look on cryteks site, you can use the SDK for cryengine and dev a non for profit game with it for free. It's really quite simple to use as well
  14. Yeah so far I'm really enjoying using it when I'm running assault, I prefer my medium range encounters and it seems to do really well there with the 4x sight
  15. Yeah I guess it's down to play style. I find if I want an easy game and a good k/d I'll use the AEK, I've been using obscure weapons as much as I can though so I can challenge myself. The Cbz has been my pick the last week or so