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  1. Y'all ever just get woken up at 2AM on a Saturday morning to the sound of a car horn, drag your ass out of bed to see what's up just to find a 32 year old woman A B S O L U T E L Y  P L A S T E R E D drove her car in reverse up your lawn narrowly missing a tree and thankfully deciding to stop before backing into your car?...


    I'd share pictures if I had them but the person who does isn't cooperating with me. Maybe later.


    So...how's your weekend going so far?

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    2. Windows7ge


      P I C T U R E  T I M E !


      Now I don't want to dox myself so I have to black a handful of things out but it doesn't take away from what you're looking at. OK, technically it does but you get my point...


      For some people parking on the lawn is normal and it looks normal. Not this time. This was not planned, and she was not invited. She, in a drunken stupor slammed her card in reverse and backed into our yard.




      Decent car. She's lucky she missed our tree because it would have wrecked the back bumper. The cop informed me the motor was still running and that it was still in reverse when she stopped. Shear luck saved our car in the driveway (out of frame - left of the picture).


      At this time I'm going to mention it was 2:30AM going on 3:00AM.




      Four cops (5 if you want to count my retired neighbor who was a cop). Two local, two state troopers. By the time my family member took the pictures she was already in the troopers car.




      The funniest thing about the whole ordeal is we're well acquainted with the local police. (I mean that in a good way. I worked in their police station for about 10 years) and they were busting my balls about the whole ordeal. Telling me it was my drunken girlfriend or ex-girlfriend who had a few too many. Got in an argument and decided to take it out on my lawn.


      My local police are good people but if they get to know you they can be dicks. :P

    3. dual290x



      My local police are good people but if they get to know you they can be dicks. :P

      All cops are dicks if they know you. I love'm anyway.


      Thanks for the pictures. I was expected more dirt and tire marks.


    4. Windows7ge



      I was expected more dirt and tire marks.

      Nope. It was a very lazy roll. No spin-out. Checked the grass in the morning. It was fine except for some discoloration and a little compression where the ground was softer. Other than that no real damage.