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  1. Welp I think my RAM died because my PC won't boot, when it boots I can't use XMP (ram stuck @2133 and will restart 3 times before resetting speed to 2133) and when I login to windows it says "8.1GB Reserved for hardware". How am I sure my RAM is dead? the moment I remove the dead stick it boots immediately and with the rated speed of 3600 and no "hardware reserved" BS, also tried different stick and it runs fine and even OC'ed a little bit. Now what really make this a confusing problem is my friend had the same issue one stick died but the other is working the only similarity between
  2. I'm selling my old mobo and getting an AsRock X470 Taichi, as the Gigabyte mobo only has 4 phases VRMs only so the 2700X is just too much for it
  3. Welp I sent my CPU back to AyyyMD and they replaced it seems it did die
  4. Well crap I had a glimpse of hope that my MoBo might have problems with 8c/16t or higher CPUs also another oopsie that is I bought my mobo from amazon on May 2018 and I "live" in KSA
  5. What was your CPU model? also did you bought from amazon or another retailer?
  6. the A320 board is a working PC with 1600 and a GTX 1060 on it while the X370 also has a 1600 was tested to conform that it is working when purchased but not sure of it's history
  7. Thanks for the replies as I stated I tried to clear the bios it was sitting without a battery and disconnected from anything not even USB devices for several hours but the CPU led was still lit also I tested the CPU with 2 other boards an A320 and a X370 both BIOS are updated to the latest but still black screen
  8. While folding on my 2700X on a Gigabyte x470 AORUS Gaming 5 I noticed in HWMonitor that one of the MoBo temp sensors is reaching 85+ celsius, so I got to BIOS and tinkered with voltage and set it to normal instead of auto, I succeeded the sensor now reads 75 so I tried lowering the VDDP further (I went to straight to negative 0.300v) and it wouldn't boot just a black screen for a few minutes. I tried rebooting but still nothing so I tested all components single stick of RAM, no RAM, switched the GPU attempted to clear BIOS but no avail, Then I noticed on the MoBo that CPU led is lit (in a ba
  9. Ok I gave up on recovering my data, but I think I've discovered why my data was corrupted in the first place: I scanned my other drive (a 3TB WD green) and it also gave an overlapping partition error and that 70-90% of the data on it was corrupted, so I formated the seagate and proceeded to copy data to it and formated the WD and it only had 768GB U WOT M8. I installed "MiniTool Partition Wizard" and it showed the same problem AND that my seagate is ONLY 1.6TB and free space is NEGATIVE 58% (not this sh*t again), I searched teh internet only to discover that the SATA drivers are NOT
  10. Hi the WD is unfortunately dead (it spins then have 2 small clicks then it spins again and repeat), I'm scaning the seagate as I'm writing this with TestDisk 7.0 when it finshs I will post S.M.A.R.T
  11. the drive reported healthy (I think) so no RMA needed, I read on some site while researching that if you use a usb3 to copy data to internal drive (which what I did) it might corrupt it, secondly I live in africa so no data recovery centers, here my only option is to send it a broad but only if I have to
  12. Hi I'm facing one iffy hdd, a seagate 4TB HDD GPT formated to a single NTFS that became RAW while copying some files from a dieing desktop 500 WD black in external dock connected to a USB3. I used multible programs such as 'R-Studio' and 'GetDataBack simple' both after scaning the RAW drive wrongly reported over 10 parttions with different typs FAT12 FAT32 NTFS even linux partions and wrong size 1.6 something TB
  13. My rig: Intel core i5-6600k Asus Z170-P 8 GB DDR4 msi GTX 550 TI Old (really old) rig died (intel Q9650, 8GB RAM, GTS 250), was good enough but it had it's run. And as you see I have a potato for gpu (still better than my GTS 250), upgrading to thee best bang for buck RX 480 wolud be the icing on the cake